• Hey Guys

    Does anyone know what the meaning of number 42 is and im not talikking interms of numerology apparently number 42 is an answer to something mysterious i wonder what it is ,

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Bon Jovi's song is not about accepting things that bring you down or bring you heartache.

    Be who you want to be. Be who you are.

  • Everyones a hero Everyones a star .

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks Dmick

    ive heard being when we turn 40 we're halfway there ohoh (livin on a prayer ) lol we may as well keep going with the song theme .

  • lol

    Keep the faith Mags, Love is the only rule 😉

  • Hi Marc

    What about the lonely note from Jon Coltrane? any ideas who he is and what it means ?

  • Im sorry I has been silent here BUT i had good reason. i FELT people VEERED OFF from the topic started by Living. Since it´s her thread i chose NOT to speak up. I would leave it up to her wether to take action or not.

    I found the topic fascinating and deep. I feel sad to see the OFF ROAD has been a fact and the original topic thrown out with bathwater.

    Anyhews enjoy ur weekend all. Kiss n hugs to ya all.


  • Hey CWB.

    Yes it did veer off CWB it was my fault i would love to get it back on track again what else fascinates you about this journey we call life what about our appearance i really hate all this shallowness in the world now everybody should look perfect and nobody sees beyond that as beauty is only skin deep .

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Funny u remark upon that aspect living. I saw last night a documentary american to boot, about plastic surgery gone from bad to worse. It´s appalling how many woman aint aware of the danger but just pick the first n best "surgeon" to get to look like age 17 again.

    The various woman n the things they had done to them all from facelifts to tummy tuck went from bad to worse. One wanted fuller lips, fell for a scam from south america n instead of kollagen that vanishes in time she was full of silicon, car silicon as far as i could hear from the expert. She was not waiting to see if she was allergix to kollagen. 10 years later her lips are still a mess.

    another went for a facelift n had a tummytuck. complications came n she winded up scar tissue n bowel removement. she cant stand on feet for long, n she is a hairdresser.

    Another wanted the sleeplook gone n from a relative normal face to a freak with big goggle eyes, she has to have more surgeries to get it corrected.

    Another woman wanted boobjob but during her 3rd complications came n she winded up in a coma which she died 3 months later. the surgeon had used too much aneastetics n prolly the wrong kind too.

    All women had more or less researched the surgeons online yet not one of em had asked the board of health regard the surgeon chosen.

    Those that lived through em yet with scars all have had a life altering psyche change. From out going to recluses to outgoing again. From healthy to close to handicapped. All in name of beauty n selfesteem.

    I admit at first the reason 4 a tummy tuck was valid, not toloose weight but to tone the body shape on the weight a woman was comfy on. BUT i SWEAR i NEVER NEVER gonna go under THAT knife.

    The repurcussion if u get under the wrong surgeons knife is catastrophic. Lifethreathneing, dangerous and emotional hell.

    As one reknowned expert who do plastic surgery n reconstructive surgery said, there are a lot of incompetent surgeons out there, problem is they dont know they are incompetent.

    Ironic eving after they showed the move the breast kings, about the first doctors who used silicon for breast enhancements, and i think it was silicone they used. Needless to say they winded up close to bankruptcy. One was killed i believe. talk about how many womens lives they ruined. Yet again women chose it.

    I believe too many are naive and too hurried. I mean some waited YEARS to get it done, so what is 3 more weeks? And where is their common sense?

    I think believe the documentary shows if you wanna b effings ure that the surgeon u chose is listed in your cities health of board. And meet with a few who has had it done both successfully and those that had a disaster from it. Anything on the internet can b made into a scam lie that gets u hooked. always ALWAYS check with ur board of health ALWAYS.

    All else is lifeendangerment.


  • Ive heard if those dodgy plastic surgeon online scams as well some of the disasters that ive seen on tv what about Pete Burns do you know of him he has lips bigger than texas oh its shocking its amazing people will do anything to save a buck . i cant stand looking at someone who is 60 trying to be 20 i would rather look at someone who is 50 looks it and looks good for it with good health and has wrinkles for character .look at Joan Rivers her voice is old yet her skin is flawless oh please and what about Kylie Minogue oh she looks pumped up with botox she is 43 and has the plumpest cheeks i have ever seen well im 42 and everythings dropping not plumping up but then again we can all look like that if we had plenty of time to ourselves and have plenty of money i pretty lucky my daughter who is eleven couldnt care less about looks so far i just hope she stays the same as time goes on .

  • We can pray. What many dismiss is the fact that those covergirls on mag do NOT look like that at all. not many wanna realize how much editing touch up add edited deleted taken here to add there it has been done. Christ a supermodel once said that cover she shot that day is so fake bc that day she had a huge zit on her forehead, huge like mount everest n a crater next to it sixe of texas. i mean come the EFF ON!

  • I know this photo shopping is not good i heard that they are doing it in highschool photos over here parents are complaining about it . A girl had had short hair and they made it longer one had earings and they airbrushed them out whats this world coming to .

  • I blame the fashion industry for this. i reckon thats a tad why i dig ugly betty. full bodied lovely lady making herself ugly n its so great. opposed to desperate housewives helloo hollywood prototype on aenimic boney skeletons. i think only one who has some meat is eva longeria. she also dared look eff ugly lol good on her. what else, oh yea mad men all woman perfect 50ties beauties, anyone say beautyqueens??

  • oh and that show desperate housewives who are they kidding whats so desperate about them perfect smile, hair nailsand makeup done dressed in the best mocha and living in a beautiful house sickening isnt it .

  • It is. I csn go

    Nooo gimme a humour show instead like How i Met ya mom or Big Bang Theory, talk about nerds that aint so hunk n wowie looking. the girls even look normal.

    I reckon people dont wanna watch tv on people who are exactly looking n act like em on a normal day. Is prolly also why romance novels r such a huge hit.


  • im trying to keep my kids happy at the moment its driving me crazy arguing all the time its no brady bunch here ha amnother perfect bull c.r.a.p show lol

  • Agree with CWB, the fashion industry is a disgrace. Those America/Australia/Britain's Next Top Model shows - disgusting.

  • Well in denmark we had not brady bunch but we had huset på christianshavn, house on christians harbor rough translateion lol

    what i see in the model shows like tyra banks is that modelling aint a glamour job AT ALL. its a bne tough boxed in critized condesending degraceful job. Modelling AINT life in fast lane glamour n easy breezing life. no its one of the hardest jobs in world.

  • Its all so shallow full of mindless nitwits whats wrong with seeing a bit of weight on people ,meat on the bones as they used to say now its all skin and bone yucck . I love ru pauls drag race have you guys ever watched it ? those men put us women to shame they are so good with the hair and makeup if your into that thing i dont remember the last time i used any .

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