• Hey guuurrrlllfriend Living yeah i have noticed the various topics n people that come here giving their 5 cents worth. Now it seems dream interpretation has detoured the original idea fro the thread hahaahahahaahahah OMG well ur thread ur descision.

    I remark on this bc we spoke of death n past life knowledge n than bam dreams n how to understand them. Not to b all grr grr grr n grr BUT again it has gone from an overall topic to something about me me me n i i i.

    I dunno if i oughta plant my dreams here or make a new thread. I opt for new thread, same when i get around to see about ur ppast lives Living.

    Reason i say new thread is bc i respect this as ur thread n if i post anything me me me n i i i here ill be as egoistic n egocentric as the next scmuck.


  • Hi LOAP, Glad I found your thread. Because I didn't live close to my sister (about 250 miles away), I don't know everything that was around her and going on. I did ask her to try and communicate w/ you. I wonder if Cupcake was the cat's name.

  • Hi LOAP, I did a reading for your daughter. Looks as though the best you can do is gently warn her. Your hands are kind of tied because this is a joyous time for her w/friends. Current turmoil to turn to struggle. Someone is going to hang on till the end. Seems whatever this situation is, it will be similar to something that happened in her past. OK, that is the Outcome. Towards the future she sees a person as her soulmate and is actually (maybe) thinking in terms of marriage. Your daughter is stronger than what you may realize but she is blindfolded to her situation in the future. She is being told not to give in to blind obedience. She is real excited about her friends. In her friendships she needs to stick to hers (and theirs) aspirations. Right now she feels on top of the world and in charge. Is in love or is falling in love. What seems great now may not be. Authority figure taking joy out of life. Possibly thinking of running away. Relationship may end also. Control is in her hands. Denial. Your daughter has the ability to understand and cooperate. I feel it's her group of friends.

  • Hi Daliolite ,

    Thankyou so much for doing this for me , sorry i should have told you that my daughter is only 11 and i was worried as she has to have braces on her teeth,the dentist told me that he thinks she might have to have surgery but thankgod she doesnt , so i feel that this reading could represent what is going to happen in the future my daughter is a very strong person . I pray that she never runs away i am so not looking forward to the teenage years . Do you have kids ? anyway thankyou so much once again.

    Many Blessings Love and Light LOap:)

  • I pulled 2 different groups of cards (never done before) because I thought they looked too bland. Never should have done that. I'm learning thru this not to assume anything and to just point to what the cards indicate, not necessarily who I may think they point to. Anyway, I know how you feel regarding surgery. My son had tubes in his ears for 5 years and I was a wreck about it. It all turned out ok, his eardrum healed back and can hear fine now. Speaking of surgery, I'll be having my thyroid out soon. Most people around me are freaking out. I'm of the mindset that if it's not working (or growing) take care of it. I've been on sea kelp, iodine supplements, and everything else. My boyfriend sells vitamins. I don't think my thyroid is shrinking any. I have a pretty good sized lump on it. It's not underproducing thyroxine enough to where they can treat me w/hormonal supplements. Anyway, I'm busy again but will be back from time to time. Take care.

  • This is your life you made it this far

  • Just saying hello! 🙂

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