• i LOVE RuPaul. He is So tres chic!!!!!

    Yeah i know what u mean. I saw teh first ep of top model usa tyra banks show u know, n init was a rather thin not much meat nice girl n she said she was fat. u should see the face miss Jay n tyra made at the girls remark. tyra scrunched up her face, miss jay was pop eyes n what.

    there n then i almost switched channels. almost bc non else stupidity was on lol i think i at times watch it to confirm im not a shallow caniving back stabbing better knowing higher than thou skank. i swear many of those girls are so full of it n they aint even above age 20.

    one even said being 21 or 22 was retirement for modelling. I mean WT EFF do u call the supermodels who are above 40 n STILL model? antiquities?????

    the world has ............ IS crazy!

  • We should get Asia on here she wants to be a model , what about Elle Mcpherson she still has a great body and Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford and why should you have to be tall to be a model there are alot of beautiful medium and short people out there . Society has turned so shallow nowadays what about Pinks beautiful girls song and video having a go at airheads such as Paris Hilton andLindsay Lohan what a scream . looks are not everything Marylin Monroe hated being a sex symbol as no one could see past that stigma she felt so direspected at the end of the day beauty is not everything .

  • Tyra has done a americas necxt topmodel cycle with only shiort girls. non above 5.7 was allowed.

  • oh well thats good to hear ive never watched our next top model never been interested wqill ahve to take a gander next time its on.

  • Don't. You'll regret it lol

    P!nk gets it. She is so spot on in her songs. Especially her most recent one; You're f%^&ing Perfect.

    Oh and Adele! Absolutely hands down one of the most beautiful women on this planet. If you haven't seen her perform, look her up on YouTube.

  • i LOOOOOOVEEE pink since day one, she is the coolest of em all. she rules!

  • yeah its great to see someone who has brains singing for once not some jumped up little up start who only has looks that will eventually fade with time not saying that pinks not attractive by any means she is very nice looking in a real down to earth way not bimboish

  • sorry mean to add its great to see someone sing who has brains and talent thats a rarity these days . ............( and that is one depressing bon jovi album Marc )

  • I love These Days, one of the first albums I ever bought 🙂

  • I find it very dark

    These days the stars seem out of reach, yeah

    But these days there ain't a ladder on these streets

    Oh no, no, no

    These days are fast, love don't lasts in this graceless age

    Even innocence has caught the midnight train

    And there ain't nobody left but us these days

    even the band said they thought it was dark but they were on a good place back then .

  • What was the topic again? LMAO


    Its easy to get sidetracked so lets talk about dying i am not scared i embrace it but i worry about my kids i dont want to leave until they are in their 50s as i want to be a grandmother have you ever seen the movie or read the book the lovely bones CWB?

  • Nope i havent. DANG !!! i juss helped a gal n her guides where thundering right next to me loud. i tell ya my heads r ringing n my head thundering on .................. talk about fed up upset tired of the same ole whine of that gas issues with men. i think its how do one say frustrations. I get that but the thundering loud replies??? ....................Ugh!

    Dying ........................... my soul has died so many times that its gotten used to it. I too am to live in this life to a high ripe age past 90 ................. but we´ll see ........... we dont choose when to give up n die.

    next topic lol

  • ok you you choose

  • Nah is ok, if ya wanna know how ive died n y im now like dying hmmmm no biggie.

  • So have you heard of the lovely bones ?

  • Hi LOAP, I haven't been on the forum lately as I've been very busy. I wanted to thank you again because you made a connection w/my sister that passed last February. We found out that she passed due to electrolyte imbalace. She had been nauseated and her electrolytes were off, she was dehydrated. I believe that you connected w/her spirit because what you experienced was so much like her.

    I don't really know what's happening in your life right now as I've been gone from here. The sense that I feel from you is that your a sensitive. Some people have more sensory receptors (Neuron cells) than others. I don't have a strong handle on reincarnation. I've been contemplating the phrase "born again." Some practice that it's a revelation that must occur or a reawakening (spiritual) here on Earth that we must go thru in order to receive God. The phrase can mean several things, I believe. It's interesting to me. Born again might be after life or what happens when we die and the spirit continues. Maybe we have to die in our bodies and the spirit continues a better course. I believe only God can re-order the body but I think it will be our body as we know it now. I believe we have what's called forms. Forms are our spiritual body. Something that's transparent to us but actually are there and act as outlines of our body. Some scientists have spoke about this.

    I hope your doing well and talk with you later. I'm suffering a toothache and have to go to dentist first thing this am.

  • No gurl living i havent, well not that i recall. lol

    so does this mean u wanna know how ive died in past lives LOL

  • Hi Daliolite ,

    Yes i remember Oprah and Patricia and when i was reading your post now i felt that jumping up and down again and i went cold on my right hand side i felt she is with me it was that exciting feeling im feeling a sense of peace around her ive asked her does she have any messages but as ive been flatout this evening maybe im not fined tuned in so to speak as my energy is all over the place if she does i will let you know . but i am feeling a vibration in my right ear as im posting this im sorry to hear of how she passed did she have a son ?as i just felt that she was telling me son but im not sure if im remebering you posting about it . Can you ask her to show me something relevant that you that would know? and i will contact you on this thread if i pick up on anything i hope all is well with you and your family .

    Take care love and light Loap:)

  • of course CWB . i am very interested i would love to know about mine as well as there are many thats one thing im sure of.

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