I find that i am a more confident and happier person in my 40s than i was in my 20s even though i am totally over everyones BS and now want to be in my own space so that i can gain a sense of innerpeace and find myself spritually which is very hard at times with a houseful of kids mind you im not complaining or anything my kids are the be all and end all for me . So far on this journey called life i feel a little bit worse for wear in the physical, my soul is tired i know that this is my last life and i cant wait to go wherever it is home or heaven but i still have alot to do here .

    I would love to here other peoples stories

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Hey gurlfriend

    well i cant recall the times ive felt like u n only once across the pond so to say been tempted with wonders of the entire universe n its many realms n options.

    If u thought alive life has countless of offers it aint nothing compared to the offers on the other side.

    u can fight this kicking n screaming argueing shouting mulling pigheaded stubborner than an entire pack of mules but dont b surprised once uve crossed over on what u believe feel think is ur last life cycle that u wont b opted more chances.

    WAIT! dont get all hyper on me. I AINT saying u have no choise in the matter. All im doing is talk experience.

    I n dunno how many times thought this is it, my last mission, now i can retire n just b whereever whatever n relax, dues r paid in major amounts in advance. Well once there where ever it was i was given options chances opportunities. What i was NOT permitted to was to sit on my ass n let the millenias go by. Yeah i know blows but its i think i recall the way the universe n realms turn. of course one is given time to research the offers given takes in human lives maybe a 50 100 years.

    ive been a spirit, angel, mermaid, dolphin, star, n more i cant recall. Oh ye guardian of gates too ....................... ive spent years in conference with old goddesses n gods. also with historic people who was more needed in whereever it was than on earth, like ancient philosophers, politicians, generals, pharaohs, kings queens etc

    So all im saying is ur head mind might b set n u may have that u long for for some 100 years BUT then again u may not. Them upthere or whereever it is may have other destiny threads for ya. It may b millions of years b4 u may could b reentering life as a human being.

    as 4 me i guess u can say i always have had a curious fascination of humans. Odd as in this here life n relate more to animals than people. N i SWEAR people in my life time now are the most selfish egocentric egoistic beings EVER! Ive never had a lifetime when each n everyone was ME ME ME ME n I I I. NEVER!

    Ah well ..................... Sometimes i think the ones whereever it is made a flaw by sending me back this late or this soon again. Then again i know it has a higher purpose. Im still trying to figure it out lol

    I tell u this, it was easier being a spirit n being in the victiny of grand men n women debating philosophy ...................... or hearing how ancient Rome´s politics mirrors Italy´s politics today. Not to mention to hear the deepest desires n dreams of Pharaoh Ahnkaten n Rameses The great, or Julius Ceasars dreams of his country n his life. God thats a man i miss listening to.

    Sigh. That said no im not ready to kick it in yet. I know im to live into ripe old old age. LOL Oh my. Right now my desires n wishes lies around the one man 4 me n the kids he´ll sire in me, HAHAHAH Sire oh my ..................................... Sigh!

    Ok im off b4 i go all King Arthurean on ya LMAo


  • Hey CWB,

    Thanks for joining my thread ive often wondered who ive been in a past life one clairvoyant said that i used to be a snob lol and do you believe that we choose how we die somehow i dont see the sense in it would you choose to be murdered as a child or die in torterous circumstances ive had this debate before on the forums and alot of people do believe in it .

    i dont know i still have my doubts.

  • Hey gurl

    No i can say we do NOT choose how we pass on. Its actually very seldom that we do. THose that say that i will say u have no idea of ur past lives to b qualified to make such a state ment. its condesending to those of us who do recall past lives we´ve had.

    I can tell of a few lives that ended in a way i didnt deside myself.

    to me that statement is the same to say well all those that died of heartattacks, brain anurisms, car accident, killed, blown up, cancer, Aids, 9/11 CHOSE to die that way.

    NO ONE chooses how they die. It makes me angry that some claims that. Then again it shows just how LITTLE they know n how SNOB higher than all rest of us they are n act. It tells n shows they know NADA, NOTHING at ALL!

    it makes me wanna slap em into their next lives but on the more calm hand they aint worth it. Tells n shows me they r the same peeps who look down nose at anyone of us who has gifts n a life n love while they lift fingers at us n says bs all the while await on lazy butts on magic to make their lives all better instead of getting off that lard barnyard big butt n change themselves n their lives. ................................. such aint worth it.

    All in all. they knwo JACK!

  • Hey CWB,

    I agree i dont like seeing anyone suffer and those poor people of 9/11 imagine the sheer horror of what those poor souls went through i dread to think . I wanted to ask you have you heard that we choose our parents as well before we come here and what are your thoughts on it ?. I would like to think that my kids chose me but what about those poor kids that live in abusive homes again would you want to be bought up in an evnviroment like that if you had a choice ?

  • On the we choose our parents? Im doubtful. I think we choose when to b born more or less. Im certain i died terrible sometimes in the late 50ties early 60ties, teenager in love. N i wanted to b reborn to i could return to the man i loved.

    Oh yeah i was reborn fairly fast i´d say, BUT far from the man i loved. N sometimes i wonder on the i chose whom to b born from that i doubt it.

    If i did what am i to learn from it? if i didnt then its a lottery. I think its an lottery on whom gets to b our parents. If we get to choose its a changed thing n may explain why the birthing numbers has decreased in the last 30 years.

  • What about country of origin if you could choose where would you be born? I love my country would choose here but in a more sunnier state . I would also love to live in the english countryside or for that fact any where where there is country rural open spaces.

  • sorry nope i dont think we get to choose which country we´re to be born in either. If so i wouldnt have been born H n away from the man i loved in my last past life.


    Lets not forget, we tend to put a very human spin on these "choices". We're souls having a human experience. Not the other way around. Deep down on the soul level we know we are immortal and all we "care" about is unconditional love. Just because we cannot fathom these choices with our human minds, doesn't necessarily mean that we don't have the option of these choices at all.

    We are just scratching the surface... 🙂

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  • Your first step is easy. Do what makes you happy.

    And by easy I mean start with simple things. If going out to the local park makes you happy, then go out to your local park.

    Good luck, I can say wholeheartedly that you are on the right track dmick59 🙂

  • dmick,

    Another thought to add to PH's thought.

    Go forth!

    Sometimes when we are stuck inside ourselves we can not see the way forwards. It is very difficult to get out of as we do not activily participate in anything new. We get wrapped up inside ourselves.

    Go meet people, join a group, even if it is not the right group it can jump start ideas. If the universe wants to show you how to get back on a path, the easiest way to get your attention is when you are out in the world. Waiting at home will work too eventually but it will take a long time to make that one happen.

    Sleeping Beauty had to wait 100 years for Price Charming to show up. There is a lesson to be had here. Waiting for it to get to you vs going out and finding it yourself. So either 100 years or IDK 2 weeks, 2 months.

    I dont know what I want either, been sitting here for months on end trying to figure out what I want. Tired of that now, just gonna go do. So for once, I am giving advice, I am actualy taking myself. LOL


  • Just so I am clear...The sleeping beauty example applies to anything you want not just love or companionship.

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  • angel hugs

    Blessing for this wonderful topic.

    I have been sitting on my toosh for some time. Although in the beginning when I did attempt to do things I would land on my toosh with a health relapse.

    So what is this body saying!!!!

    Even last month with the shingles, it seems like a setback.

    I still make small attempt to do small things, even though it is not what I want for I have no Idea as to what it is I truly desire or want.

    blessings again


  • Hope is a very powerful thing. A very important thing. But there is a world of difference between hoping for something to come true and making it come true. Just ask the students that hoped they would pass their exams but spent all of their spare time playing around instead of studying and revising...

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Guys,

    I knew you would find my thread Marc as you know its my favourite song

    Welcome To Wherever You Are"

    Maybe we're different, but we're still the same

    We all got the blood of Eden, running through our veins

    I know sometimes it's hard for you to see

    You come between just who you are and who you wanna be

    If you feel alone, and lost and need a friend

    Remember every new beginning, is some beginning's end


    Welcome to wherever you are

    This is your life, you made it this far

    Welcome, you gotta believe

    That right here right now, you're exactly where you're supposed to be

    Welcome, to wherever you are

    When everybody's in, and you're left out

    And you feel your drowning, in a shadow of a doubt

    Everyones a miracle in their own way

    Just listen to yourself, not what other people say

    When it seems you're lost, alone and feeling down

    Remember everybody's different

    Just take a look around


    Be who you want to, be who you are

    Everyones a hero, everyones a star

    When you wanna give up, and your hearts about to break

    Remember that you're perfect, God makes no mistakes

    I feel that i am where i am supposed to be in myslef .

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Sorry continuing my last post as my son kicked me off the computer i feel that i am where i am supposed to be within myself at this point in my life but there is still issues that im dealing with that ive had my whole life like being more assertive and confident and being able to say the word no without feeling any guilt and lately ive been thinking maybe this is who i am and who i am meant to be maybe i should just learn to accept this oh and this reminds me of another song that i like called this is who i am by Vanessa Amorosi

    This Is Who I Am lyrics

    I spend my life

    Trying to do things right

    But all I do is fall to my face, with my hands and my hips so many times

    But then I learned

    After being burnt

    To get back up, push straight on, stop the tears, people move on-ooon


    Well it's alright to be myself

    Now I've learned to stand

    Well its okay to be just who I am

    I've spent years really hatin' me

    Longing to be friends

    Now I hope that you can understand

    This Is Who I Am

    Now when life gets tough

    I'm quick to hurry up

    I run all day, I run through the night, I'll break down walls, I'll hit up high

    I don't care if I'm fat,

    Or if you think my clothes are bad

    Yet I can go to sleep at night, I'm a good person and I'll get by-yyy


    Well it's alright to be myself

    Now I've learned to stand

    Well it’s okay to be just who I am

    I've spent years really hatin' me

    Longing to be friends

    Now I hope that you can understand

    This Is Who I Am

    I need someone someone someone someone like me

    You deserve deserve,deserve to have me

    Cause our world keeps spinning

    And you don't try to turn it


    Well it's alright to be myself

    Now I've learned to stand

    Well its okay to be just who I am

    I've spent years really hatin' me

    Longing to be friends

    Now I hope that you can understand

    This Is Who I Am

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaah, yeaah yeah

    This is who I am

    Ooh, take a breather this is who I a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-am

    Love and Light 2 all Loap:)

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