Someone willing to do a reading, please?

  • If someone would be willing to do a reading for me, I'd be very grateful. I've been looking into learning how myself, but it's been kind of difficult trying to (the way things keep working out).

    I'm looking at a love-related reading. Things have been slow/non-existant in that area of my life so far, and while I'm not pining away, and I'm happy enough, I'd like to experience it. 🙂 I guess I'd like more of a general type of love-related reading/insight, about what's going on, what's on the horizon, that sort of thing. I'd really appreciate the advice/guidance.




  • Hello Melissa,

    You are not meant to fall in love fully until you work out the answer to a question that you hold within your heart. When you have the answer to that question, than you will find yourself in the mist of choosing between two men. One is 5'9 and has light hair and eyes seems like he has a great need to express himself and does it well enough to grab your attention and hold it. Owen is a name I hear around this man. The other man has a strong R in his name and he loves to be outside involved in sports, horses are around him, he is outspoken and knows what he wants and when he sets his sights on you my dear, than he will persue you will all the gusto he has for life and everything in it.

    Love is On Its Way


  • Shuabby! How are you girl?? Glad to see that you made the journey safe and sound 🙂

  • hello Doeyeyedpisces

    I'm pooped from the work of putting a house together, a lot of physical work. The 2000 mile trip was really nice this time and I drove some myself. My cat did not care for the transition as she did not eat much so I had to give her extra TLC. We saw what the tornado did to people homes and lives in Memphis, and how the Mississippi River was swollen out over 100 miles.

    Makes you grateful that you are safe .

    Just trying to get back into the swing of things now and looking forward to meeting new people and experiences.

    Thanks for asking and you have a great evening.


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