My Cancer Male went missing:/

  • So heres the story I just started talking to my cancer again after a close family member of his passed, I reached out. We exchange a few words and he said:

    MY RESPONSE:'ve been talking to my crush for a while now. A couple weeks back he asked me was I single I replied " I was at the moment"he said its good I'm single then he went into A LOT of detail of why he was also single then saying at the end "When his one come by which will be soon or later he was gonna show her his love and appreciation and she would be displayed as his 8th wonder on the world then he said that I (Me) already know. Yesterday we were having a convo and I said I'm a free spirit but I'll never go against my morals then i said I caught 2 of my roomies in the act. He replied back IN EXACT WORDS by saying" I know college is fun and wild but don't forget why ur there in the first place, You have the right ideal, don't compromise your morals, but have fun also. Don't go having **** with a lot of dudes SMH. But find one you like, make em strap up and go in (we don't want nothing now). You gotta try everything at least once...Have you?"......I'm a little confuse by him and why he would say that to me, pLus I like him and I think he likes me "i responded by saying I wasnt experience(Im still a virgin) but in order for me to lose my virginity I needed 2 way love, mental stimulation and emotional attachment, I said I rather wait for the one:)...Perhaps I scared him off?

    HIS RESPONSE:my responsed to my crush via letter(Im far away at college)...he wrote me back 2 weeks later:( he usually only takes a week if that stating this:

    he stated " I take major breaks in between though, Sometimes, being I haven't been around for so long, some people I feel too disengaged; I barely have anything to say, Its sad sometimes". We must have an mutual agreement and understanding to call each other on our mistakes and faults and errors!! It is our duty as friends to correct each other and ourselves, with humility, when we are wrong!! To hold ourselves to less would be diminishing!! We would only be betraying ourselves, for we must behave in accordance with who we want to be!! In the words of Niall Ferguson,"Its NOT the fault of the mirror if it reflects our blemishes as clearly as our beauty"....WHAT IS HE SAYING?? DO YOU THINK HE WANTS TO BE JUST FRIENDS?

    Also he said:I find your vibes to be intelligible and lucid, and I always re-evaluate my assessment of your mind.because it is not often that i encounter young women who are capable of their own thoughts.

    He also gave me an explanation as to why he didnt send me a letter back quick : he said being that he hasnt been around for long, he feels ppl are too disengaged. He barely has anything to say: its sad sometimes.

    I replied back by saying: I didnt need an explanation as too why he didnt write me back quick, I told him letters are optional and have no time limit. So when u need to take a break by all means do so, and when u do write I'll make sure to send my regards back.

    Est then he hasnt wrote me back or phone call. emails NOTHING. Its going on three weeks!

    Can I get some feed back!!!

  • Honey since u joined have u asked these questions regard this guy 32 times in which many has adviced u, enlighten u, read u, insighted u, predicted u, shown u paths , support, love, understanding n more.

    My cancer man was n is busy working. My STRONG hunch says SO IS URS. Further could b his is down n BROODING in his man cave where he is INCOMMUNICADO n JUST WANT 2 B LEFT ALONE.

    WOMAN u NEED to get ur head around NOT to have ur life evolve around him. To me its kinda annoying thatr u STILL expect him to turn ur world around n change it for u. HE CANT bc IT HAS TO COME FROM U n U ALONE.

    hon, if u aint happy on ur own by urself what the eff makes u think ur cancer man can change it? TRUST me when i say IF ya AINT happy ON ur OWN with URSELF u WONT NEVER b with ANY man. u CANNOT shelf ur happiness on a guy. NO FAIR as he AINT responsible 4 u being happy. he can CONTRIBUTE to it, but create n make he cant. THAT has to come FROM U.

    ANother that EFFS me is ur lack of patience. I wanna shake u n i wanna slap u at the same time bc DANGIT woman ure an intelligent being.

    Woman mark this photo good n think of the tale behind it, Ask AGAIN why the hare lost? n ask urself what am i right now? the hare OR the tortoise? if the hare, how do i change? bc TRUST me, cancer men CANNOT b rushed AT ALL: n the way u rush n race,. ull LOOSE him.

    so woman GET ON with UR life n let him the time n space to get around. Consider this if u was him n he was u n he did what u do to him to you, how the eff would u feel? i teel u í´d feel cornered, haunted n hunted n not wanted 4 anything but what i bring in sense of happiness.

    ps i think THIS is also the reason many has chosen NOT 2 reply u. They´re kinda fed up bc u dont listen. U just dont.

  • I hear you ...I just dont know what to do know and you told me to tell him how I feel...but he disappear on me:(...So Im in a slight depreesing mode, and NOW in the process of moving on.

  • Listen, when we utter our affection to a guy we kinda take his breath away n his head goes blank. consider if he hasd told u what u told him n feel how it makes ur head go what huh hello uhm eere what come again what u say?

    give the guy time to absorb n come to terms with it. u wouldnt want anything less if it was reversed on u.

    also there is many reasons why men go silent n in out books awol. Work is a major thing 4 men, as its what they identify themselves by, n in these fragile times where finances n work is on a slow climb up again it is still dicey to take risks as it can still turn around n bite u on ur kahuna. many jobs r still a balance act.

    another men r very cerebral, meaning everything has to b thought over carefully n analytically. n was he not burnt also? such men take even LONGER to get around replying.

    I think moving on is good n remain his friend until he is ready. if u was him wouldnt u want thos 4 u also?

    again i ask u woman, what the eff is ur effing rush? where r u rushing to? it aint greener where ya rush too opposed to where ya is. in fact ur guides says its kinda brown n dull greyish where ya is headed in ya rush,.

    stop n smell da roses n green grass n worry about un not him 4 a dang change. ur guides remark again IF YA AINT HAPPY ON UR OWN U WILL NEVER EVER BE WITH HIM.

    Ow eff they r dang efff LOUD. OW! ..................... guides of lilmiss i do think she heard ya, i know i heard ya, ggeeezzz did ya hafta b THAt loud. OW ok ok ok alright k k OOOOHHKAAAYYY sorry

    ouch ............... u know gurl ur guides aint joking now. no help pissing em off.

  • ur guides are very affraid u bank on this cancer man coming to ur rescue n to take over where ur parents left off. the way ur subconscious work is once ure with him all will bottle out, smooth sailing no worries no problems no hardships whatsoever.

    they are scared ull become impassive n he has to do all the work, the thinking, the manageing everything 4 u bc u wont function on ur own accord. i feel suffocation alone from this.

    another thought could it be, that u still have LOADS to learn n its why he is elusive? culd it b u aint learnt lessons such as, function on own accord, tackle ur own problems, issues, finance, work , happiness, life laundry, cleaning, life? is it feasible to think u need to learn all this properly b4 fate n ur guides know with him or any other man u can pull ur own weight?

    yeah u may say i can n i will, but when it comes down to it, do u really? can u say on ALL accounts n aspects of ur life, do i really?

  • I find that you speak on things that you should only say if u REALLY know me...and NO one on this site does...only moderately.

    Im a full time student--Class of 2012

    I have 2 jobs..Last year completed an Internship

    I do have a life and Go to a VERY known school.

    I just miss him alot I have been patient and Most of all resilient, Him and I have been through alot that I chose NOT to put on this site.

    I have been there for him thru EVERYTHING!...and he said that" I always come through for him when he is down"

    Weve known each other est 12years of age...and Though we are still are still young (21)...I believe I DESERVE some consistently someone who wont feel differently.

    I must admit I feel offended about the comment you made regarding My parents and I. IM EXTREMELY family -orientated. Im looking for NO ONE to talk the place or pick up from whre they left...THEY WILL NEVER BE REPLACED, NEITHER AM IM looking for replacement. Actually anyone that knows me knows that when My mom became ill a few years back I told on all her domestic work and responsibilites.

    BY THE WAY: Where are you from?, Some things u say are hard to make out (spelling, ways u say things etc)...Thank u for the responded.

  • I know u speak from frustration. so i wont be all hyper angry, BUT in case u notice NON OTHER replied u AT ALL.

    Now ive taken time energy goodwill n more in helping u n i get it thrown back in my face. I dont like it at all.

    Now messages came to me from UR guides n if u have a problem there take it up with them.

    as for me, im done helping you bc i dont need this at all. I wish u good luck on ur way.

    cwb done

  • I am not a psychic but my personal experience has been that when they taper off and then no communication that they are on the way out or gone for good. The just don't give straight answers or closure.

    My advice would be to move on. I have been using this website to help me because I have had an awful time trying to get over a Cancer male...

  • Charmedbente you took it out of context I wasnt angry...misunderstood YES...Im NOT for the drama either. I just felt like u called me immature and depentable on MY parents which is NEVER. I do RESPECT your opinion If I didnt I would have ignored ur comment as well as ur advice to NO longer make mutiple post regarding this situation.

    To my fellow pisces: doeyedpisces, I Dont know what the future holds. I do know June 30th I will be meeting up with him est Im going to my hometown. I asked days ago for admistration through emails to delete my account. They have agreed to so I will No longer be on here. Doeyedpisces I hope u Clarity Miss...BEST WISHES:)

  • Best wishes 4 ur future.

  • I hope u will return n stay. as 4 the riddles of ur cancer man i think u need tob brave n ask him what he means. i say this as our interpretation may not b what he meant nor what u feel he meant. best source is to ask hence it came from.

    i Do wish u best n all luck in whatever u do.


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