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  • I am looking for some advise from Pisces or people that understand Pisces. I have been dating a Pisces man for a little over six months now and it had been one rollercoaster ride. But we have hit a serious rough spot and I am not sure what to do. For the last month now things have been pretty rocky between us and I am getting fed up. He has a lot going on in his life right now and I am trying to be understanding of that but don't think it is fair to be put on the back burner all the time. We saw each other on Thrusday evening and he finally opened up to me about his feelings telling me he really loves me and has been distancing himself because he felt as if he was getting to attached. I thought we worked through that but sure enough since than we are back to the not answering my calls, not calling back when he says he will. Seems like he only responds when he feels like he might really loose me, so what do I do? Ride it out, because maybe he does have so much going on he can deal with me right now or walk away from someone I really love because I am not getting enough attention? Sometimes I can be so patient and others I just loose my cool and get really angry. Help is very apprceated! Thanks All for reading!

  • From what I have read, the Libra-Pisces connection can be rather difficult, but the almost magnetic bond is nigh on impossible to break. I believe this may be true for other water-air relationships as well.

    And that is a good thing. The connection you have will keep you two together and keep you both strong. All you need to do is to understand each other's differences, accept them, and wherever possible, learn to integrate them into yourselves. Become a bit more like the other person in the relationship.

    Note that I am not telling you to change your core self, your values, your beliefs and/or your "truth". Just think of it as an alchemical process where two seemingly unrelated things can and will combine to produce something better and stronger.

    With that in mind... Us Pisceans need our own space, we need to retreat into a dreamworld, particularly when the real world gets a bit too much to handle. Unfortunately, when we do this, our loved ones do very much feel as if they are left on the back burner as you say. And in many ways you are.

    But we don't do this out of spite or because we no longer love you. Yes the attachment can be scary for us. We do like to believe we are "free" swimmers, but a mature Piscean will recognise that this is not commitment issues/fears. Nor is it a desire to be with someone else in case you start worrying about that 🙂

    On the positive side, we always come back to the real world. Yes, sometimes with a bump, but we almost always turn to our loved ones first and foremost. It can also make us extremely happy to find them waiting for us. You may also find that once your Pisces guy has gone through this process he will return stronger and happier than before. It may also seem that nothing went wrong in the first place. It doesn't make much sense to others, particularly the air signs that like to talk things out, but trust that in his own way, the Pisces man really has sorted things out and is already moving on.

    Things to watch out for; too much isolation (although you can usually rely on the fish to naturally make his way back to the rest of the school - we crave it). Depression, drug and alcohol dependency or abuse.

    Gentle reminders can help you here. Explain to him how you are feeling but do tell him that you respect what he is going through. Tell him that you are there for him and that you will support him and be there for him once he has resolved or dealt with his other troubles.

    It's not nice being on the back burner. As long as he is mature enough to see it from your perspective then the two of you can come through this. There is also a good thread on the Astrology forum here; All things Pisces. Have a browse through it, it will give you a lot of answers.

    Love & light,


  • Thank you so much for your words, the really do help. Alot of what you said rings very true and when I am in a calm place I totally get all of it but there are those other times when I just am feeling confrontational that I can't seem to understand it. I spoke with him briefly after posting this and told him that I am trying so hard to understand but that I need him to also make an effort to understand that I am not one to go with the flow like he is I like to know whats going on in my life one way or another. We do have a great connection but I am so uncomfortable with the not knowing.

  • You offer balance. There are times when we Pisces need to learn NOT to go with the flow, but to swim against the currents in order to get what we really want. This is something that is really tough for us to accept. I still struggle with it myself.

    Don't lose track of what you bring to the relationship. Teach him as well. Gently.

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