Captain - Some Insight on Scorpio Female/Pisces Male Please??

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    Insight is much appreciated as this is a VERY new thing and I'm having some issue w/his impatience but have a gut feeling that, if this were to evolve into something more steady, it would be a positive thing...

    I'd like to know if it's simply sensitivity and his uncertainly/impatience, or if it's a red flag: he seems to 'test' me - if I can't agree to see him as soon as he asks, he'll suddenly state he's 'booked for the following week', then eventually cave and try to see me. It feels like impatience, sensitivity and spite...

    Me: Scorpio - 11/13/1980 (Pisces Rising; Capricorn Moon; Venus in Libra)

    Him: Pisces - 2/22/1975 (Pisces Rising; Cancer moon; Venus in Pisces) - I know; ALL water...

    Thank you!!! 🙂

  • An undeniably bizarre quality suffuses this relationship - it is the odd and unusual aspects of both your natures that are activated here. And the oddest thing about the two of you is that as odd as you are yourselves, together you can become obsessed with the unconventional behaviour of other people, yet exhibit no empathy for it. Perhaps chronicling, dissecting and ultimately passing judgment on the foibles of your peers is simply a rather knee-jerk reaction to your own fears and neuroses. In any case, this relationship is difficult to fathom. The fact that it is nothing but a huge and sometimes monstrous vehicle for projection may not at first be evident. That the two of you are usually rather unconcerned with your public image allows you to be even more unruly and obnoxious. Friends and family are apt to feel increasingly alienated from you. Should serious problems threaten or break up the relationship, you could find you have no support group left to turn to.

    Your relationship will usually be private and exclusive. Isolation from social control can breed interesting fantasies, which are sometimes kept hidden in the personal sphere but can also be let loose on others in the immediate environment, with predictably unsettling effects.

    As youngsters, you two may have been bullied. So you may be drawn to each other out of a kindred spirit, the attraction of fellow sufferers who understand what the other has been through, and a desire to buck the whole damaged system. Bored with the ordinary and conventional, you two may have no interest at all in marriage, but should you take the 'big step', your relationship is unlikely to follow the rules, beginning with the wedding ceremony and proceeding right on down the line from there. It can work well as a longterm commitment. It is not uncommon in this combination for two people of very different backgrounds - racial, social, cultural, economic - to tie the knot, flying in the face of family traditions. But you must be careful you marry for love and not out of rebellion. This relationship will have to cultivate kindness for others and keep its friends, to take the feelings of others into consideration and not to profit from their misfortunes, if it is to be a happy and lasting one.

  • Wow; thank you for the insight! Thus far, his potential capacity for apathetic 'judgement' feels more like a sarcastic way to mask his insecurity and also flaunt his unique perception of himself (or projection?). I can see where - if it evolves into something long-term - it could lead to potential alienation of friends and family as the chemistry is intense, we're on the same page as far as our perspectives, morals, values and beliefs are concerned and it's already, even in this early a stage in the game, difficult to pull away from each other when together and alone; it's also difficult to refrain from tuning everything out when we're together and we tend to end up completely absorbed in each other (some attention to surroundings and being aware of the tendency may help to adjust this?). I can also sense the intensity in the way he 'tests' me or seems to become upset or impatient if I can't meet his demand of seeing him as soon as he wants me to - rather impulsive (same-day requests to see each other with no prior notification or discussion). If we were to solidify, I feel we would likely forge a strong bond and the impatience would fade as things became clear as it feels like we would meld into more of a 'team'. I hope it wouldn't lead to a lack of empathy...

    I'm fairly self-aware and don't usually point out the 'unconventional behavior' exhibited by others in a negative way as I'm an extremely patient and empathetic person and usually see where people are coming from.

    I also feel he may have been bullied; I can sense that a bit.

    He's also from another country, and we do hail from different socioeconomic backgrounds...

    I guess I can only wait and see; we're in the very early stages of dating here, but I felt a very strong pull and wanted to gain a better grasp on potential pitfalls or 'red flags' prior to proceeding. I also sense that we would likely end up married if this progressed; it would be my first, his second. He also has a young child... he might be a bit more on the conservative and mature side as he seems to really place emphasis on his role in her life as an active father.

    All in all, is it a destructive relationship here, or if the right attitude and adjustments are brought to the forefront, a lasting a beneficial relationship?

    Again - trying to suss out whether I should move forward with him.

    Thank you!!

  • If you are aware of its weaknesses and pitfalls and you both work hard to make it better, any relationship can be positive and lasting.

  • PS. looking at your Venus profiles, it might be difficult for both of you to know how or whether to proceed, which means you need to have a good sitdown honest talk about what you both want and how to obtain it.

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