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  • I have told a/the Libra man goodbye for good and haven't had any contact with him or from him. I made it very clear I was done with the games and his indecisiveness regarding myself Aries and other woman Gemini. I am moving forward and haven't a clue what he has been up to and nor do I care. One of his friends emailed me and asked me what I have been up to. I was very short and to the point and said I have been very busy with family and work. I left it at that. I still don't know what his friends intention was.

    Well, I have been invited to an event tomorrow evening and have just found out that Libra man is also going to be there. The reason I did say yes I would attend is because a mutual friend told me he wasn't going. Now I have learned he is attending. He just RSVP'd.

    What do the cards say??? Do I need to be prepared for anything??? Should I just not go??? I don't want any drama from him. I can be cordial when I see him, but don't want anything more. No more drama...

    Thanks for you insight... 🙂

  • Hello Brightsmileandhazeleyes,

    I don't know if I am too late here. Has this event already taken place? Did you attend?

    I did ask the cards should you attend the event and the answer came back rather ambiguous. The general sense is that this is entirely up to you. The Lovers card speaks of this (tough) decision you have of whether or not you should attend. But the Devil card also says that there is a temptation to go. Something more than what your original intention for going was.

    There was also a lot of difficulty in the cards; the 10 of Wands and 8 of Swords suggests a feeling of confinement and feeling trapped, as well as some misery or feeling a bit miserable in general. The Judgement card also showed up which means you could have to face something uncomfortable within yourself and this situation.

    BUT, the positive of the Judgement card is that once you face this difficult situation, it will free you up even more than you are currently feeling.

    Finally I drew 3 cards as clarifiers for the situation. I drew the 4 of coins, 5 of Wands, 2 of Coins. Essentially this situation is not going to change anytime soon. Someone (probably him) is unwilling to let go. This is going to cause some turmoil, particularly inner turmoil within you both. The outcome being that things will still feel like they are hanging in the air.

    Given that I have painted a very bleak picture, I can understand why you'd choose not to attend. However, I do feel that you should consider going because of the healing potential in the situation. The painful things that this situation drags up could be an opportunity to finally face them and be rid of them.

    I hope this helps Brightsmileandhazeleyes.

    Much love & light to you,


  • PisceanHealer... You're not to late. The event is tonight. I agree with you that it could be a healing process/experience for me. I am not afraid to face him or see him. I am the type of woman that can hold my head high, especially in this type of situation. I am confident and know what I want for my life. He on the other hand is confused. When you say he is unwlling to let go, why is that? He said he wants to pursue his ex-girlfriend. She is a Gemini 20 years younger. I told him to go to her and work it out. That I am moving on. He can't have us both. I don't play that way. I hope he finds his happiness. Do you see him and her working it out? I am afraid he is going to be hurt by her again. If it does work out for him I will be happy for him... We all deserve and want happiness and peace.

    Thank you so much for your insight... It is greatly appreciated 🙂

  • He is afraid to let go. You are his safety net should things go wrong with his ex. Plus he doesn't really know what he wants, other than to keep all of his options open.

    I've just done a big reading for a friend and I am drained now, so I'm afraid I can't tell if things will go well between him and his ex.

    What I can tell you though is that I do see you walking away from all of this with your head held high and your dignity intact. He on the other hand may be left scratching his head - metaphorically speaking. However, things may be stirred up inside of you. Don't fear these emotions. Acknowledge them so you can release them and move on.

    But you already know that 🙂

  • Thank you again for your guidance PisceanHealer. Sorry you are drained... I am however curious what you see happening with Libra man and his Gemini ex. You are so right about me being his safety net. I was in the past when this all started. Like I said he can't have us both... that's why I walked away. No longer going to second choice or his safety net... I am going to attend tonight with head held high and my dignity intact. 🙂

  • Hi PisceanHealer,

    Well, I saw Libra man last night. I held my head high and kept my dignity. I was cordial when we were in the same circle talking to friends. He came up to me later and we chatted one on one. He said I looked great, he misses me and has wanted to pick up the phone many times to talk to me. He said that I made it very clear no contact and he respects my wishes. I told him thank.you. He said he is spending time with Gemini ex. I told him I truly hope it works out the way he wants it to. He then proceeded to tell me he just wants to kiss me and with me. I told him absolutely not. He is so confusing and sends mixed signals constantjuJuly. He called me to make sure I made it home ok. I told he need not worry about me... I can take care of myself.

    My emotions today are all over the place... I really do think he is a nice guy just very confused and feel something in his past causes him to not let go. He mentioned again that he and ex have history. I said if it didn't work before why would it work now??? He had no answer. I said goodnigjt and hung up.

    Is Gemini ex even into him anymore. He said she said she loves him but she wont't give him a commitment...

    Thank you again for your guidance...:)

  • Its not healthy to seek "mediums" to get the "word" about your ex bf's dating life. Honestly what do you think? The cards proposed it being "bleak" but it wasnt. You only can get the energy that is caried at the moment and its not your being applied to the cards...so they will never be verey accurate. Go study the tarot and its origins..................thye are meant to be an aarcanum with archetypes that depict a philisophical oracle for SELF councel. Be carefull. I care that you can like may others live life and dont feel doubs or the dependency to seek a "medium" or tarot thinking it has the answers.

    Take care

  • Go away!!!

  • rapunzle444 has a good point, it really isn't healthy for you to seek information about your ex's love life. You've chosen to disassociate from him for all the right reasons. And yes, you do care for him and yes you do want him to be happy, but you can't do anything about it. Indeed you shouldn't do anything about it.

    Put another way; would you do a child's homework for them?

    What I can tell you is to trust your instinct; you already know what is going to happen. But don't think you can do anything to help or change that. Release him to the Universe and know that the Universe is fully supporting his growth.

    Love & light,


  • Thanl you both... He has been released and so habe I. You are so right about following your instinct and knowing what the answer is...

  • Indeed Piceanhealer:)

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