The World of the Future

  • a message from Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates

    Beloved one, for generations of time the collective consciousness has been held back by generational thinking, old thinking: “This is the way our family has always done it; this is the way our family has always seen things.” And, therefore, the small ones are brought up with teaching. Sometimes it is outright teaching, but a lot of times it is subliminal, subconscious teaching.

    You react in an old habitual way first. Now, because you have expanded the possibilities that you will entertain, you begin to see that there might be another way to look at the issues that come up. “Perhaps there is something good that can come out of all of this,” you say. “Perhaps I can see it in a different way.”

    Your world is going through growth pains, very much the teenager, very much wanting to know, “Who am I? What am I? Where have I come from? Where am I supposed to be going? What is happening here?” Very much like the teenager who questions everything, rebels against everything, and looks for a new way to experience all of the creations.

    Allow yourselves a few moments in every day to visualize a quiet world, a world where people can truly see each other. In your mornings when you are getting dressed, visualize a friend and send them love; then visualize someone perhaps half-way around the world and send to them your recognition of Who they are, the Christ Child in expression. Know that they have needs and desires the same as you.

    Allow yourself in your intercommunications with friends to slow your speech. You are often in a hurry to get somewhere, to do something, to express whatever you are feeling, and to hopefully get it out there before the other person says something and interrupts you. Therefore you have to say it really fast; and the other person does not hear you, because they are thinking, “How can I match this speed with my answer?”

    However, if you will speak slowly and clearly with love, they will have to stop and breathe, and there is a miracle that happens every time with the breath: It allows a space of peace, a space for a miracle to come in. So watch yourself as you speak with ones, and allow yourself to slow down.

    Do not worry that you have to come up with a really interesting answer. Do not worry that you have to come up with the most unusual quip or joke. Concentrate just on being, loving, slowly. It is as we have said other times, they will have to stop and say, “What page is he/she on? This wasn’t in the script that I read on this page. We were only allowed two seconds for this page. What page are they on?” They have to do a bit of the breathing, and when they do that, there is space for inspiration, a new perspective, if you will.

    Now, at first they may not clue in on it, because they are so accustomed to having to race ahead, give orders, have everything delegated to someone else, perhaps. It may take maybe even several days before they notice that you are doing something different. And they may wonder, “Maybe she hasn’t had her coffee this morning; she’s really slow.”

    It is not slow; it is deliberate, and it allows the space to look at the other one and really see them and to really hear not only the words that they are using, but what is behind the words. Does this one feel inadequate if they do not speak very quickly and bark out the orders? Has this one been taught in growing up that they have to be first and foremost, and there is a feeling of insecurity that if they do not bark out whatever, they are going to get lost?

    This is what I meant earlier by the subliminal or subconscious teaching that happens as you are growing up with the parents, with the peers, even without noticing it happening. But you can reverse it, and it is much more fun and much less stressful. When you get to the end of the day, you find that you still have some breath left. Verily! So try that and see how it feels. See the reactions.

    Your world—the collective consciousness we have been speaking of for some months now—is evolving, making changes, growing up, awakening. And as the teenagers, the collective consciousness is going to be a bit rebellious, on the large scale level and also on the individual level.

    That is okay when you recognize it for what it is and you allow it. You do not have to be in opposition. You do not have to remake anyone. Have you ever tried to remake a teenager? It is a very difficult job. In Truth, it cannot be done. They go off and they do their own journey, which they have to do to find themselves, to try certain roads that you might see as detours, but they say, “No, I want to go down that road because I want to know what is down that road.” Your world is going through this, as well.

    You are never in the wrong place. You are always in the right place at the right time, according to your soul’s contract. So do not worry about the morrow. Do not worry about what “they” are doing. You have many stories that circulate that get the adrenalin rushing, but I ask of you, “After you have recognized that it is the old addiction to the adrenalin rush or the worry or the judgment, after you recognize that, then ask yourself, ‘Is this where I want to dwell? Is this where I want to put my energy?’”

    Ones will send you messages, and there are many messages coming nowadays that, “This is going to happen, that is going to happen; you’d better store up the foodstuffs, you’d better have plenty of water and blankets on hand; you’d better be in a safe dwelling place, etc.”

    There are messages that “they” are going to upset the whole organization of life as you have known it and “they” are going to make you poor. No one can make you poor. That is a state of mind. Always you will have enough to take care of the body as long as you need to have the body serve you. Always you are going to have enough.

    Even if the bank account says zero or even a minus number, you are going to come through it. No one is going to ask of you that you release the body or say that you are worthless because a bank account or a piece of plastic says that you are in the zero or minus place. Your self-worth is what it was at the time when you were born, and that is divine. Your self-worth is what it always has been from the moment of creation.

    All of the ones who seemingly control the operations of the golden coins may think that they have more power, but do you know, they worry, they spend a lot of energy wondering who is behind them on the ladder that they have been climbing. Or, who is going to tell a secret that they have held in the closet for awhile? Who do they have to watch out for who might be a little faster speaking? And they worry. Do you want that in your life? You can have it. It is a choice. What it comes down to is a choice of attitude, how you look at your life, what you want to be experiencing in your life.

    Now, there are some who want you to believe that they have power over you. It is not true, and there is a good visualization you can do, and it works because it is true. You can put yourself in a bubble. It is true because it is the golden white light of the aura. Visualize for yourself that you are surrounded all around—underneath, up above—in a bubble, and the only thing that comes into that bubble is what you invite to come in.

    And if you invite the negative messages, the worry messages to come in, you can play with them for awhile. And then you can send them packing and say, “No, done with that. I want my bubble to be a little more expansive and empty. Now I am going to invite happy thoughts.” Visualize, at any time, the bubble around you, your Light, the energy from which you make the physical molecules. That energy is around you all of the time.

    Everything is energy. Everything is affected by consciousness, by your awareness. Get you awake. Realize that your consciousness, and the energy that you are, creates what is manifesting in front of you. Consciousness plus energy equals manifestation. Easy to remember: Consciousness plus energy equals manifestation. So whatever you want to manifest, use your consciousness. Invite the visualization of how you want your world to be.

    Our holy Mother Earth is also awakening, shifting, moving. You have seen this recently. You will continue to see this happening. She is doing a bit of the moving around and flexing the muscles, as it would be. This is going to continue, because she has always done this. It is not something new. It is not punishment.

    The effect of what is called global warming is going to continue, and it is not happening because there are ones who want to force certain species into extinction, including perhaps some of the human race. It is not happening because of some evil. It is happening because there are cycles that our holy Mother, the Earth, has come through and will continue to go through.

    Know you that lands now that are seemingly cold have under their surface the oil reserves from tropical climate from eons of time ago, as you measure linear time. The global warming is going to be gradual. It is going to keep on. It is not something to be feared. It is not something that you have to feel guilty about.

    Yes, you are adding to it with all of your mechanical means, your manufacturing plants, but it is part of a larger plan, part of a cycle, and there are going to be people living on the surface of our holy Mother Earth in what you see to be one hundred, two hundred, five hundred years from now when the climate is going to be different than it is now. Some of the species are going to take a vacation for awhile, but the divine idea of those species will never die. Remember that point. It is a very important point.

    Do what you can for the species that seem to be losing their habitat now, because you are compassionate. But remember that the divine idea of every species never dies, and when the conditions are right again, they will come forth. Where do you think they came from now? It is all a cycle, and it is not to be feared. It is not to be lamented. It is for you to be compassionate, to do what you can do, and after that to let go any lingering feelings of guilt.

    Now in closing, Beloved one, I would share with you some short visualizations suggested by one of your Masters. These are meditations designed to mold your perception and manifestation of your world of the future. Allow the eyes to soften and to see with the inner eyes.

    The first visualization has to do with the environment since that is one of the aspects of concern. Visualize a beautiful meadow with a crystal clear brook running off to one side. Sit by the flowing water. Know that everything flows in its divine manifestation, divine timing. Feel the peace that comes with this acknowledgement. You do not have to do anything. Just allow and Be. Appreciate what you see: the sun, the clouds, the rain, the grass, all living things. Feel the divine flow. Know yourself to be in the divine flow. Trust the continuing divinity of the environment of the future. Hold this feeling for twenty seconds or longer.

    The second visualization has to do with all the life forms that live upon our holy Mother, Earth. We have a perfect environment, strong in its continuation in the future. The life forms that will continue into the future are evolving, and as you will visualize all life living together harmoniously, it will hasten the evolution. Visualize, if you will, our holy Mother, Earth from space; see the lovely blue planet, and visualize the planet as an anthill. Acknowledge how the ants work together. Visualize the life forms on the planet being as efficient and as caring and harmonious as you see the ants in an anthill. Hold this image for twenty seconds or longer.

    For the third visualization, allow yourself to go the White House in Washington, D.C., the headquarters of this geo-political grouping. If you are of another nation, go to your main political capital building. Take out all of the furniture because all of the brothers and sisters of your geo-political grouping are going in there. Expand it to whatever size it needs to be. In the very outer circle see the political leaders, the heads of state, the military, the governors, the elected officials, etc.

    In the second circle closer in, are the business people, the bankers, the company owners and CEO’s, the entrepreneurs, the teachers, the professors, the doctors, the medical helpers, the scientists, etc.

    In the center, visualize all the people who live in the geo-political grouping, all nationalities, native and immigrant. Everyone is now coming to wake up to the needs and desires of another one, to honor one another, to listen, to understand, to care and to be in harmony. With this visualization you have stated your intent to honor and to take care of one another and to listen to one another. Hold this visualization for twenty seconds or longer.

    Out of these visualizations, and other visionings that you will add, Beloved one, will come your world of the future. Remember My teachings of the Father’s Love. Always you are held in His everlasting arms. Be diligent in envisioning the best of all possible worlds. You create your world by your belief in what you think can be, will be. The best is yours for the willingness to see anew.

    So be it.

    • Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)

    in expression through Judith

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