Energies of the Sacred Marriage

  • a message from Kryon channeled by David Brown

    Greeting Dear Ones for I AM Kryon of magnetic service.

    It’s wonderful to be here with you all tonight. We have a small group here this time and it’s much easier to channel for a small group because you don’t have to hold a lot of energy. We’re always saying this these days; that many, many changes are coming. For those of you who have been doing inner work for a long time you should be feeling much more love and much more peace in your hearts.

    We are making arrangements so that your inner father, grandfather, great-grandfather all become connected; and the new gateways and the new energies are going to support all of this. Those of you that work with these channellings are being connected more and more to Father Sky. You are letting go of these worldly thoughts and ways and you are becoming more and more connected to Father Sky and to Mother Earth. You will feel this, you will become more and more whole, more and more connected and your guidance is going to be so much stronger. You will feel your bodies becoming stable, whole and solid. You will be feeling confident within yourselves. Sometimes when you are releasing energies, they’re not pleasant. Whenever you decide to heal something, what happens is that good energies come in and negative energies are released. And you will receive connections with Father Sky and you will get stronger, and the more and more you do this, the more and more connected you become.

    Dear Ones, we always say that there is much love in the air and that the air is full of love, but it is your bodies that, because of your social conditioning, can’t receive this love… we’re here to teach you about love. There are many different shades of love, many different facets, and each facet needs work. Each facet needs to be polished and you are all on a journey to find that facet.

    We have brought a new way of healing for you all, and that way of healing is first of all to heal your father and your father’s father, your paternal grandfather, and your paternal great-grandfather, and once these energies become more whole and more complete, and they begin to connect with one another and love flows between these three energies, you will begin to feel very different within yourselves… and many things will begin to happen… and one thing that we wish to speak of this time will happen. The more and more that you do this, than the more and more these aspects of your family constellation will become complete and all the aspects of your family constellation that are feminine to these three men will begin to present themselves for healing. Sometimes when you heal these three energies then automatically what is feminine to them will heal; and where the feminine does not heal, then that is where your lessons lie.

    In your dreams you will begin to see the things that need to be healed, or you will see the feminine aspects of your family constellation that need healing. It is for you to send these aspects of yourself love and healing energies, for the more and more of yourself that is whole, the easier your life will be. You will begin to feel yourself held by the universe. This is a beautiful feeling. The feeling of being held. Just like a mother holds a baby, the universe will be holding you. You will be feeling absolutely loved, absolutely safe and absolutely secure. You will be in a state of wholeness… oneness.

    For now, allow it to flow… let these energies flow through your body… the energies of wholeness and of oneness. Let yourselves become who you’re meant to be. There are many new star gates opening at this moment; these new star gates opening will make what is meant to be masculine inside of you whole, and what is what is meant to be feminine inside of you whole. Because both your masculine side and your feminine side will become more and more whole they will be able to relate so much more easily towards each other. All of creation comes through the masculine merging with the feminine… these energies need to be held, and this is what is happening; as you heal your father, the paternal grandfather and great-grandfather these energies dissolve and the connection to Father Sky, to the divine, comes in its place. This is a true holding energy.

    There is a difference between masculine and feminine, between father and mother and all the different aspects of masculine and feminine inside your body. The masculine and feminine are energies that flow like a river; whereas the male and female energies, they hold and support the flow of the masculine and the feminine. Everything that is manifested on this earth comes as a result of a merging of the masculine and feminine. In the human world, in your family world, these are reflected by the energies of the husband and wife. The husband should be the masculine and the wife the feminine. If these energies are mixed up than this process does not work easily. So the husband has to be in the masculine role and the wife in the feminine role in order for masculine and feminine energies to easily flow and to merge. These energies can only flow once the entire family constellation is healed. What this means is that all the male aspects of the family and all the female aspects of the family become whole and complete.

    The male energies in a family are there to hold, and it is the same for the female energies, except that they are there to hold and to be held. That is what female is, both male and female; it means to hold and to be held. So while for instance the mother is holding the baby, she should be being held by the father. In a perfect family setup, the father would normally be the husband and the mother will be the wife, and the husband would be the masculine flow of energy and the wife the feminine flow of energy. It’s very important that you understand this; this is not an easy message to channel. There are so many misconceptions about masculine and feminine and we understand that this is partly beyond the veil… but if this gets mixed up, then in your family lives you don’t get out of life what you’re truly searching for. You have to remember that what’s going on in the inside of you is exactly what is going on in the outside world. That what is common to all humans is that each human being is born into a family, either complete or incomplete. Usually the families are incomplete; this is the way that your karma is driven.

    It’s very important to make the husband complete; every father should have a husband component within himself, just like every mother should have a component of the wife complete within herself. This is part of the basics of self-love; if your mother and your father loved each other as husband and wife when you were a small child, then you will automatically know how to love and your relationships should flow easily. If this was not so, and your mother and father as husband and wife did not love each other, and you were a child born for all the wrong reasons, then you will have a very difficult time loving and relating.

    So dear ones we ask you to close your eyes and connect to Mother Earth… let’s get a picture of your mother and your father, and let’s thank the universe for Kryon’s magic healing and allow these magical healing energies to flow through your father and through your image of your father. Let’s also get a picture of your father as a husband and let’s allow these magical healing energies to flow through your father as a husband. Allow the husband within your father to heal. What stops him from being able to love his wife? Allow these things to heal.

    You have spent many years on planet earth; many years behind the veil and for many people on the planet the art of self-love is missing. Many parents have children for all the wrong reasons, or many parents did not know how to relate, and as we say, everything is a mirror. If your parents couldn’t relate, neither could their parents, and you also won’t be able to relate. So the secret of this is to get your mother and father, as husband and wife, relating to one another.

    And, as always, love is the answer. Everybody wants to love; love is what’s at the core of your being; love is your essence. What is not love becomes a problem; where love doesn’t flow then problems begin to happen. So allow the love to flow into your father as a husband and allow the husband part of your father to become whole and complete, and as the good energies are going in allow the negative energies to release. Dear ones you are being supported by the energies of Kryon tonight… allow this husband energy within yourselves to become more and more complete… let the feelings in your body come and let them go… Just let the feelings come and let them go. Whatever you feel just hand those feelings over to Kryon… and drop deeper and deeper into your body, observing your bodies and observing your feelings. If a person is not complete, you cannot relate to the part of them that is not complete, not present, so it’s important to make all aspects of your family constellation complete.

    Let’s bring into this picture your grandfather and great-grandfather and so the husband aspect of your grandfather and great-grandfather also heal and become more and more complete. Allow these magical healing energies to flow through these aspects of your family constellation. And once again, just feel the feelings in the body, let them come and let them go, and whatever you are thinking of, let your thoughts come and let them go. Everything is appropriate and nothing, but nothing, is by chance; each emotion is corresponding to a thought. Let the feelings come and let the feelings go.

    And now let’s allow the wives of these men to come into your minds. And let your mother, your paternal grandmother and your paternal great-grandmother into your minds. Allow these magical healing energies to flow through the wife aspect of your mother, your paternal grandmother and great-grandmother. We can feel in your bodies that there is a tension that’s a little bit stronger, so allow these magical healing energies just to flow through the tension that’s in your body. Loving relationships do not belong to the mass consciousness of this planet, and part of what we are channelling here is to bring loving relationships into mass consciousness.

    And where there’s any tension between husband and wife, just allow these magical healing energies to flow into the tension, allowing the wives to become more whole and more complete in these magical healing energies. Just let the feelings in your body, let them come and let them go. And allow the energy that’s inside you and allow your inner wife to become more and more whole and complete and the same with your inner husband.

    And as you’re going through this process let’s now allow the energies of the sacred marriage to flow through this inner husband and inner wife. Allow Kryon to support this process, and also your spirit guides. Allow the feelings to come and let them go, holding the negative energies, and as you hold them they’ll dissolve. Everything needs to be held in order for it to transform. Hold these energies. Allow your inner husband and your inner wife to be held, allowing any energies to heal and releasing whatever blocks to flow, allow the magical healing energies of Kryon to flow through all of this.

    And allow Kryon to manifest in this picture of your inner husband and your inner wife, and allow him to bring love and healing and send the energies of the sacred marriage to this inner husband and inner wife. Let the feelings come, and let the feelings go.

    And become aware of the star gate. Bring the energy of true love, and pure relationships between men and women and when this star gate is open for the next three days, allow yourselves to pass through this star gate, and to connect with the energies of the sacred marriage and the pure flow of energy of the masculine and the feminine and the merging of the energies, the pure merging of the energies of the masculine and the feminine.

    Those of you who will read this channelling much later, these energies are being held in an anchoring in San Jose, Costa Rica, and if you’re reading this channelling you will connect to these energies.

    Farewell and God bless, for this Kryon signing out. Thank you all. God bless.

    Copyright © David Brown. All rights reserved.

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