On the cusp/ am I a viking

  • Why is it my readings are never about my problems, I think my brain is a Scorpio, and my body Sagittarian. Ninety percent of my dreams either involve Vikings or Truck driving. I am a semi retired truckdriver, but my dreams are of other countries I've never been too.

    When I read my daily horoscope, it has nothing to do with my life. I can understand the weather is different in the readings as they are done in America and I'm in Australia. So as you see, it is all very confusing. I am a pauper living on a military service pension and receive a 50% invalid pension that doesn't go very far. My stars never seem to give me any sort of guide to get out of all this poverty.

  • angel hugs

    If you include your date of birth then mayby somebody will be able to assist you.

    Why are you focusing on your problems??????????


  • Because it's up to you. I know it's hard and resources are limited but you have an innate ability to conquer. It is in your gene pool. Now is the time to take some of those idea's you have swarming ar

  • a round in your head and apply action. Nothing huge, baby steps. Are you good with your hands? Do you paint? Can you fix things? Are you a collector? Do you know how to tell if an object is of value? Look things up on the internet. Did you know that a 1939S penny is worth millions? How many rare coins do you think you might have thrown away?? Little things equal big results.

    "Can't " never got anything accomplished. Let me know it I can help.

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