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  • Hi Everyone,

    I would like some insight into a dilemma I am currently having. I am currently working on some karmic stuff and after a series of bizarre events I have confirmed that a soulmate of mine, which turns out was right under my nose all my life, amd I have had a past life experience that did not end well and the saddness from the separation has spilled over into this one. We were together but something led to a separation and I don't think we able to see each other again in that life. I was told that I am not getting past this event and it has stunted my spiritual growth over time.

    We had our soul recognition moment, then he disappeared. Won't talk to me, wont return a text, etc. We were both confused about all this until I did some digging. Lol. I was told I have a chance to mend this with him in this life. The suggestion was becoming friends so we could heal what happened. He is not my 'twin flame' but I was also told that a reunion with my TF or other souls that I have been meant to interact with in a significant way has been put on hold for a long time because I can't get past this past life experiene.

    I have a chance to find out why I am feeling absolute heartbreak for no apparent reason. And maybe we can both help each other with personality quirks we both seem to have because of this incident. Today I feel brave and am willing to extend an olive branch and search him out, in the name of clarity, I am not chasing him down to love him romantically in this life. I quietly asked for a sign from the Universe and last night, while waiting for the lottery number results, his birthday date appeared. Lol.

    Should I try to begin to resolve this issue in this life? I know the whole soulmate thing will take some time to explain but I feel like I want to make the effort. Who knows, this may take years to do.

    Thanks in Advance,


  • Ibeleive is spot on. I also read somewhere (probably on these forums) that you can choose to release your karmic debt. It involves connecting with Mother Earth (grounding yourself) and asking for Her help in releasing your karmic debt.

    Your intention has to be perfectly clear here however, you can't use it as a sort of "get out of jail" card. If you are truly ready to move on and grow, then you can release yourself from the debt.

    Love & light to you,


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  • No matter how confused you feel, know that you are on the right path 🙂

  • I tend to internally "groan" when I read a post that asks about soulmate/twin flame relationships as well as past life connections. The reason? Because normally what is called for is for the person to "let go" of this person and instead the soul mate or past life connection is used for the opposite - to continue to hold on. Here is what is true for you....

    Let's say that there was indeed a past life experience with this man and you completed that lifetime without having resolved the loss of him. So the two of you have reconnected in this lifetime - as soul mates of a sort - to resolve the karmic debt or unresolved issue of coming to terms with letting each other go. So the real lesson here is in accepting that you are not together so that your soul can move forward to what's next.

    This needs to be done energetically - not physically. You have had the experience of reconnecting with him as well as the experience of it not really "coming together" and then struggling with releasing him again. You now have the added knowledge of the past life connection and why this has occurred. So now you need to let him go. You do not need his participation. In fact, asking for his participation goes against the lesson. Trying to involve him physically keeps you connected - it does not aid you in releasing him.

    So be good to yourself and complete the lesson. Realize that clinging to soul mate and past life connections with regard to this man is counter-productive to you - it keeps you from resolving the karmic debt. Release him through meditation, asking your angels to "clear" you and even through an energy healer if you feel you need assistance. Clear yourself of the energetic attachment and you will then be free to move on to "what's next" which may be another soul mate with whom you are meant to be in a long-term relationship this time around.



  • Sorry - forgot a section of what I wanted to say 🙂

    You know that it's not just about this person, right? What I mean to say is that the relationship is there to help you discover something about yourself. If this past-life issue of abandonment has re-surfaced I suspect that the abandonment issue is what is keeping you from having the relationship you really want in this lifetime. So this person re-emerging in your life was a gift to bring the issue to light so you can resolve it and thereby open yourself up to the relationship you want (and have probably been wondering why it hasn't happened or why you can't seem to get it).



  • watergirl are you psychic? if yes, can I write you a thread?

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