Can someone interpret this i ching for me please

  • The present is embodied in Hexagram 8 - Pi (Union): There is good fortune, but let him reexamine himself. Let him divine whether his virtue be great, unremitting, and firm. If it be so, there will be no error. Those who have not rested will then come to him. With those who are too late in coming, it will be ill.

    In the second line, divided, we see the movement towards union and attachment proceeding from the inward mind. With firm correctness there will be good fortune.

    The situation is evolving slowly, and Yang (the active masculine force) is gaining ground.

    The future is embodied in Hexagram 29 - K'an (Water): We see the possession of sincerity, through which the mind is penetrating. Action in accordance with this will be of high value.

    The things most apparent, those above and in front, are embodied by the upper trigram K'an (Water), which represents danger and the unknown.

    The things least apparent, those below and behind, are embodied by the lower trigram K'un (Earth), which is transforming into K'an (Water). As part of this process, docility and receptivity are giving way to danger and the unknown.

  • Hi

    Without knowing the question that you asked,

    My interpretation is

    Union, this is something that you have been obsessing over.

    The relating hex is not always the future but just. Deeper meaning to your question. In my experience hex 29 usually comes up when you are in dangerous waters in your mind. Like repeating the same questions the same ideas around and around and not getting anywhere. Hex 29 is also known an repaying chasms.

    Line two can mean your own thoughts, how we carry ourselves. So I think this means get yourself together in your mind. Don't diminish yourself in the presume of something. Perhaps your seeking a union with something? Which I feel you hav been going over board on.

    So I would say this is saying get yourself together clarity in your mind, don't lose self respect in the pursuit of whatever it is you are seekig union with get union with in yourself, you have been going over Board in this so chill out. Your value is within yourself, this is your biggest gain. If you are actively pursing something then too actively feeling happiness is outside yourself will lead to dangerous ground.

    Usually you get hex 8 it is good to ask another question

    As what do I need to know about hex 8, this will give you a deeper insight into your situation.

    Hope that helps


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