Can someone interpret this for me please

  • The Relationship spread

    The International Icon Tarot

    The card at the top left represents how you see yourself. Page of Swords:

    The card at the top right represents how you see your partner. Justice:

    The card in the center left represents how you feel about your partner. Queen of Swords:

    The card in the center right represents what stands between you and your partner. Seven of Swords (Futility):

    The card in the lower left represents how your partner sees you. Three of Wands (Virtue):

    The card in the lower right represents what your partner feels about you. Five of Wands (Strife):

    The card in the center represents the present status or challenge of the relationship. The Emperor:

  • I would like to comment on a few cards

    Seven of Swrods - Both of you are not open with each other and there is a lot you havenot divulged about yourself and lot you don't know about him. This may be due to the fact that there is a lack of trust or if the relationship is new or not started, then you both don;t want to open up until you are sure of the others' feelings.

    Three of Wands - Your partner feels positive about the future of the relationship, but feels you are far away figuratively or literally and he may not be able to make the effort to bridge that gap.

    Five of wands - he is still not sure about whether he wants this or not. He has not made a strong decision yet. There is still conflict regarding this in his mind.

    Emperor - As there are no cup cards in the entire spread, there is no emotion in this relationship yet. And that is the challenge. To develop and express emotions, which is a prerequisite to amke a relationship work. So for the post part, I associate the Emperor with the mals partner (and this could be so), but in thsi case I think it may be talking of inititating emotions in the realtionship as a whole.

  • I'm picking up on the same energies as your Celtic Cross spread. Is this the same guy you are looking at drgagannagi?

    If so, I am truly sorry, but nothing has changed. The Seven of Swords sums up the situation perfectly. Futility. The 5 of Wands is telling you that you've stirred up feelings in him that has him very confused and is causing him quite a bit of internal strife.

    The Emperor is telling you that he is not going to give up his current position. He is not going to choose you over his partner. And you know the reasons why.

    I'm sorry this is not working out for you drgagannagi, but the longer you drag this out the longer it's going to cause heartache for you.

    Much love & light to you,


  • thanks a lot tarot red and piscean healer.

    piscean healer "you've stirred up feelings in him that has him very confused and is causing him quite a bit of internal strife."

    how come i was able to stir up feelings when he was already so committed? i wonder what made him do that, for a period of 3 months?

    what is he thinking when it comes to this internal strife that he is going through because of me?

    im not thinking about us being together now, only that he was very important to me, he still is only in adifferent way now.

  • drgagannagi, you stirred up feelings because of insecurities within him. I get a strong sense of secrecy around him. So much so that even I am feeling like I am revealing too much.

    If you truly care for this man, if he means as much to you as you say he does, then you need to let this go. Pressing for answers will not help you in any way now. In fact, you may very well end up damaging what relationship the two of you currently have.

    Love & light to you drgagannagi,


  • its ok, thanks piscean healer.

    how will my asking questions to you end up damaging my relation? im not asking him....

    and i wonder about these questions because the truth inside is that there was something, that he had for me, and when i expressed, he told me he was with someone and apologized if in any way he had led me on.

    i using this forum just at

  • contunued.............i using this forum just to get to acknowledge my situation not to get to him in any way. im too respectful for that, n he is very formal and respectful too. in fact like u said he told me he was very secretive about his life and doesnt want many people to know his orientation, so yes he is secreative but im his ally, whateever i know about him till now, i never let a word out.

  • Because of that Seven of Swords, and as tarotred put it: "Both of you are not open with each other and there is a lot you havenot divulged about yourself and lot you don't know about him."

    I appreciate you want to know what he is thinking. I appreciate that you want to understand his behaviour. I even appreciate you want closure. I've been in your position. But you have to weigh up what you want with what he wants, which is essentially his right to privacy.

    Ultimately, letting go of this situation will be better for you.

    Love & light drgagannagi,


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