Please Help

  • I don't know what I would call myself. But i've always been able to influence things around. For example if I talk about fire or someone getting burned someone close to me will get burned. Or if i talk about a particular sickness someone around me will become sick. Sometimes when I get mad weird things happen. Like pictures flying off walls.

    Now to the point. A few weeks ago me and my brother were having an argumant. I told him I hope his nose bleeds. and within five minutes his nose was bleedingIs something wrong with me? Is there a way i can bind my "gift"?

  • Anclagon, I understand your concern. Sometimes I wonder myself about having the same "gift" . However, there is such thing as synchronicity, which happens to everyone, maybe to some people more than to others. Not only bad things, but also good things. It's a mysterious thing, but if you really worry about it, try not to project bad thoughts into the universe ( like telling your brother that you wish his nose bleeds). Just control your impulses sometimes. Having said that, I think it's much more likely that you somehow sense things that are about to happen, than actually influence the events.

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