Relationship potential?? Reading please!

  • Hello 🙂

    This past saturday, i went to my senior prom. I went with a really sweet guy. We flirt alot and we had a really great time! After saturday night, i started to develop feelings for him, which i have been trying to avoid. I just want to know now if this relationship has potential so i dont get my hopes up.

    His birthday is 7/29/1993 and mines is 9/25/1993

    Thanks a million. I really want to know if he boy who made my prom special can someday soon be my someone special! 🙂

  • Ive been in this relationship for about 2 and half years and its been up and down since the 1st year, hes hot and cold all the time I can never get a clear signal if he wants this to work or if he is just here to avoid being back at his moms....I am going on 40 and he is 41. my birthday is 7-22-71 and his is 10-23-69 Ive got to know whether to really put myself into this or finally let him go for son has been very ill since Nov 3, 2010, and Ive got to find a way to get him to Mayo clinic, meanwhile the boyfriend isnt paying his share living here, I cant afford all this and he knows that....but his problems always outweigh mine in his mind!!!! help!!!!

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