All In the Family

  • Hi me again, Maliah that is. I have a Pisces mother and a Pisces cousin. They are nothn like us. So if a Pisces does not act like us it is b/c of what? I'm confused. Please reply all Pisceans of

  • We all have different elements in our chart. I am a Pisces,born on the Aquarius Cusp with a Gemini rising born under a leo moon. Each chart has different placements due to the date of birth, the time of birth and the year of birth.

    You may be born on the cusp of two signs. You may be born in the middle of a sun sign or at the end of the cycle of a sun sign. This makes all of us different. Actually, I am an Pisces/Aquarius Cusp baby, I was born at the beginning of Pisces next to the cut off date of Aquarius. My daughter was born on the Pisces/Aries cusp so she has Aries influencing her personality. (She was born at the end of the Pisces sun sign, near the beginning of the Aries sun cycle.)

  • Thanks a lot. That's very helpful.

  • Thanks a lot. Very helpful.

  • How long have you been interested in astrology? I found an interest in astrology at the age of 12, but have not always had astrology in my life. Where does your birthday fall within the Pisces sun sign, at the begining of the sign, the middle or the end?

  • There is no such thing as an average pisces, we are in and out of emotional currents all the time. I and a pisces, sag, sag born on the cusp of Aries and I have a lot of fire in my water sign. Both my Moon and my rising sign is sag - the rising sign is the personality you let the rest of the world see. Evryon is subty diferent, that is what i o wonderful about life - you cannot compartmentalise it, all pisces will have similar traits but stil be individual

  • Thanks PiscesPiggy.

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