Relationship potential!? Help please :)

  • Hello 🙂

    This past weekend, i went to my senior prom with a flirty friend. At the prom, i saw a difference in him, and feelings started to develop. He was such a gentleman and i had an amazing time because of him! I never intented to become infatuated with him, but it happened.

    Basically, i would like to know if this relationship is headed anywhere in the future and how he views me after that magical night.

    His birthday is 7/29/1993 and mines is 9/25/1993

    Thanks a million. 🙂

  • Sorry I missed this.

    There is a romantic tinge surrounding this relationship, but it will always have a strongly sensible streak running through it that will rarely allow it to be dominated by self-destructive or unrealistic impulses. The romanticism here is very elegant, polished and highly nuanced. The relationship could prove a very comfortable fit for both of you, each enjoying different aspects of it for different reasons. Together the two of you will take an orderly, reasoned and structured approach to just about everything. This will satisfy your need for attention to detail DaniBo and will delight your partner, who always has to have a system to fall back on. In addition, the relationship grounds and gives form to the more excitable and aspiring aspects of both your characters. Perhaps a tad too self-conscious as a couple, the two of you as lovers or spouses are always aware of your effect on other people. You will work carefully on polishing your style, dress, movements and speech before appearing together in public. As friends, you may not always need to see each other that often but, when you do, it really counts. You can make strict demands on each other to keep your relationship on a high plane - quality rather than quantity matters here. But you don't have to sacrifice quality if you let up a bit on your demands. Try to be more natural and less self-conscious. Let things happen as they will.

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