• What are Neptune Rules and I've seen Pisces post stuff such as Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon, and Rising Capricorn-what is that exactly and how do I determine mine?

    Thank you Pisceans.

  • Those are the elements in peoples charts. I have a book called "The only astrology book you'll ever need." by Joanna Martine Woolfolk This book teaches you how to read astrology charts. You can also learn from Sydny Ommar for a lot cheaper his yearly horoscope books are $10.00 or less.

    Many people learn to do astrology on their own. Its helps to understand astrology as you go through life in my opinion.

    Pisces, Gemini rising

  • check out www.astro.com there u get your chart if u know the exact birthtime and place- enjoy reading about yourself

    greetings from a pisces 😉

  • its for free -sorry i forgot that 😉

  • Jenna did a reading for me but it was not free. Bethea Jenner is a better person to get a free reading from in my opinion.

    I liked Jenna's work, but I paid for the information she provided me with.

    I have never paid Bethea to do a reading, but I have bought Jewlery from her.

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