Real Gratitude

  • a message from God channeled by Yael and Doug Powell

    Beloved ones, it is a new time and it is a new world alive within the old one. It is a new experience of Love. At the center of it all is a new awakening to gratitude.

    You have often heard “turn within,” that the truth is within you. And this is so. The truth of the world of Love is within the world of duality as well. The key to the awakening of your experience of it every day is Real Gratitude. The gratitude that is often known is the gratitude of being thankful with the mind, of noticing the things the mind deems good and turning to Me with prayers of thanks.

    I Am here today this moment with you to open your heart to Real Gratitude now. The experience of gratitude as you live it in the Real of God is an all-consuming, indescribably ecstatic form of worship as real to you as the cosmic breath of Love that breathes your being into existence, as powerful as the Moment of Creation.

    In aligning your heart with the truth of its energy as the conduit of this outward flowing Love, gratitude is the song of life, and it sings your being into its fullness continually. Just as the breath of God is ever breathing All That Is, gratitude for the gift of life, the amazing gift of the relationship in consciousness of all the realms of Love is such a profound part of My being, such a stunning awareness of the full possibilities of All That I Am, that it is the basis of this conscious creation, this hologram of Love extending.

    Gratitude is the highest vibration of God in synch with Love, in perfect harmony. It holds such a pure experience of Love that in it is the seed of our relationship that blossoms in the Now Moment.

    The resonance of gratitude is so clear and so penetrating that it moves within Creation, expressing God outward. It is the kernel of all relationship in the endless kaleidoscope of Love’s conversation, alive in All That Is.

    To align with Real Gratitude is to be instantly in resonance with the clear and perfect truth of who you are, beloved ones, and the overflowing joy of life.

    Because gratitude in its Real form is the kernel of this explosion of God that Creation is, in this world, in this moment, in the midst of awakening… when you attune to Real Gratitude, it awakens from the center of your being, your life, all things that touch you. Every bit of your field of energy rushes forth to bring into experience the perfect relationship of all things as Love.

    And so it is, beloved ones, as I align you with the truth of gratitude, as you begin to allow this to sing itself alive in you, it shall come alive in your experience of life, of breath in every moment. It shall crack open the shell of the mind’s imaginings, break free of the illusion of separation, the sub-creation -- and bring into full and glorious birth the experience of the world as pure Love.

    The song of gratitude is in your heart. It is not something that you pray with your little mind. It has nothing to do with the mind’s judgments of things, of what is good and what is bad…what is acceptable and what is not, gold and dreams and visions and facts. Gratitude is far grander than all of it and does not exist in this world in its pure form. But it can align this world with the truth of God, the moment that you allow yourself to experience it.

    I have encouraged you to “pray gratitude” with your thoughts because this begins to turn you to Me in right relationship, and helps you understand just how important gratitude is. But you are ready now, beloved ones, to leave behind the world of mind, to step into the glorious truth of gratitude for everything as a perfect seed of life, holding in you My wonder at the blessing that Creation is and the splendor, the miracle of relationship throughout the whole of God.

    When you open to this experience of Real Gratitude, beloved ones, it lifts you up and shakes you to the core of your being. It shakes you awake into the full awareness of the miracle of life that Creation is and that I Am, fully alive in all things and all are in relationship with Me, in the midst of the song of oneness.

    It is a miracle beyond any description. The power of this miracle is in your hearts, proclaiming itself in every moment and truly bowing in reverence to the gift of this whole and holy life.

    Because Real Gratitude is free of duality, free of the judgments of the little mind, free of the experiences of both “bad” and “good,” Love and not-Love, Light and darkness, then the moment that you allow it to fully live in you, you burst free from the confines of the world of mind. From within, from the center of your being, from the center of all life, the Light of God, the Love I Am shatters all illusion and shines forth as the one creation that is the miracle that life is in Me.

    It is time to allow gratitude to live you, to let the purity of its pure tone sing you clear of all illusion. It is time, beloved ones, for bravery, for it takes courage to allow gratitude to rise up and claim you and to shake you free of all that has held you in the world of time.

    When you are alive from within and the song of gratitude sings your name, then your view of life is very different. Your resonance goes instantly into the center of all things and ignites the fire of this glorious remembrance that life is a stunning miracle, that relationship of Creator and Creation is the greatest blessing – that every breath is a song of exquisite Love that rushes through the hologram and sees itself in everything.

    And so it is that you become that seed of Real awareness and life on Earth is revealed at last to be this song of continual gratitude whose vibration shakes free the heart of God I Am from the rigid forms of illusion, the duality that has held you. From within, it sings its song and from the heart you shall acknowledge that the old perceptions of life are gone and I Am expressing fully as you.

    Everything that you acknowledge in any way in this Now Moment becomes a part of the expansion of Love from the center ecstatically outward until the false identities, until all beliefs in other than Love effortlessly disappear.

    When you live, My dearest ones, in this kind of gratitude, you will discover that all that you see and touch and experience is luminous, life-filled and moving with grace. Those things that once seemed so ordinary, the movements of daily life that once you called “boring,” are so rich with luminous color, so deep as the core of Love as expressed, so magical as you feel the response of all life singing this gratitude with you and in you. Suddenly you are part of the hologram of God, aware that everything is alive in you and you are fully part of All.

    The communion of Love is indescribably delicious, shimmering through your being and pulsing through your heart. Everything that you see with your heart is then painted on the canvas of the world in the colors of God. So, from within, as gratitude comes and trumpets itself forth as the endless prayer of God, then All That I Am comes to embrace you as it rises from within, in great waves of gratitude, and the two meet in the moment to honor the miracle of Creation.

    Beloved ones, you have yet no experience of Real Gratitude. You must be ready to let it take you, to let it sing you forth into eternity, to let it shake you from your roots and sing your heart into existence, as you fully accept the Now Moment’s beauty and become the true prayer of life that beyond all possibilities of judgment, there is only life, and it is amazing.

    There is only Love and it is so powerful. It is impossible to be grateful enough for the miraculous gift that Creation is. And yet, this gratitude lives within you and brings to you the prayer of being, astounding in its magnitude and perfect in its simplicity as it paves the way for Love.

    It is gratitude that opens the heart. Even prayers of gratitude through the mind will open doorways that lift you up in resonance and begin to align you with the truth of life. Yet, even more than daily prayers is the power of gratitude, to not only restore you but to take you to the core of your being and let you live there.

    In gratitude every life is a shining gem and every breath is a gift of Love. Every movement is a cosmic show of artistry that is so beautiful that your very breath becomes your “I am grateful.” Every life connects to your core in this prayer, until you feel the song of gratitude as the voice of unity, singing into existence the pathways of Love, dissolving every barrier to the full expression of All That I Am.

    It brings you into a state of reverence – reverence for life, reverence for the miracle of the Now Moment with such power that it opens the way for others to be restored to their gratitude as well, until the song of Real life becomes the world and humanity is sung forth as Creation is, as part of My prayer of gratitude, of thanks for the miracle of Love now shared and now extended.

    Will you open your heart and let gratitude come to life? Will you release all of your protectiveness? Will you let gratitude begin to sing in the depths of your heart, and beloved ones, will you let it take you where it will? I promise you, where gratitude leads, miracles follow – beauty, discovery and humble availability to be the song of perfect Love.

    Are you ready to truly live a grateful life? Not once in a while and not for things that you judge as good but rather, are you willing to allow the prayer of God that sings itself forth in Me as the song of Creation itself? Are you willing to let that be your truth as well – the prayer of Creation bringing itself alive, here and now, as you?

    Circle of Light have been given the gift of the Messages from God to bring forth to humanity through Yael and Doug Powell. We hope that you will share these Messages as widely as possible, including to any groups or lists you feel appropriate. We only ask that you retain our identifying information. © 2011 Circle of Light

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