Confused/Unsure of my new Virgo man

  • Hello. I recently met a virgo man...young man...since he's only 20. I'm 21. Anywho. He approached me on twitter. He was very sweet, a great gentleman. Still is! We've only known each other for a few days and he has already asked me to be in a relationship with him. I'm a i'm very skeptical about alot of things. It just seems too good to be true to me. I feel as if there's something he's hiding or covering up. I really do like him alot. We've hung out a few times and we connect really well. I was reading today about how virgo men are not as quick to jump into a relationship, and that completely made me do a 360! Because if they're not so eager to get into a relationship with someone, then why was this young man so eager and ready to be in a relationship with me after only knowing me for about 2 days? Can someone help me?

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