A Chatroom-For All My Friends (Everyone is Invited)!!!!

  • Hi everyone! Some of you may know me but some of you dont but like many of you. I came to this site a lost person in need of guidance and an open heart. Ive was going through alot 4 months ago after me and ex broke apart and I caused me to do some self discovery and find my sense of happiness and self-worth and I mean true happiness that couldnt be temporary. I started it a little before the breakup and a little before I joined the site but it was here I found people who were geniuely interested in my well being and guiding lost yet blessed and beautiful souls like me. Im am much more than reformed, Im more radiant, rejuvanated and truly happier than ever. I know I can live through the storms, push through moutains and still manage to have a smile on my face and find a reason to be happy just for simply living and surviving. So, I decided to make a thread dedicated to any and everyone on this site. LETS HANG LOOSE-this is a chatroom to let your hair hang down, let me know whats on your mind, have fun, have a great discussion...in otherwords LET YOU BE YOU! We are all hear to listen inspire and help each other or simply just to share opinions and have a lovely discussion, so why not start chatting!!!!

    Here a picture of a future film director, screenwriter and model (Excited to hit Miami and make it big!!!):

  • Hello Asia ,

    Love the photo how is your modelling going have you moved to miami yet ?

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Thanks LOAP! And the modeling is pretty much self made and self employed still lol. Im dont have enough money or a lot of networks down here in Texas to get myself a photographer yet but when I have it (at least the money part) I will shoot full first to find a really good photographer and agency. Im mainly looking in the Miami area because it wouldnt make since to find one here in TX if Im leaving soon lol! So for the time being I shoot all of these pictures with my cell phone camera and edit them myself (not too much editing though lol) but Im going to keep chasing my dreams.

    Havent moved to Miami yet but still excited and anxious to go. Ive been planning on going to film school there in July for the longestt until I ran into a small problem-everything besides my housing was fully covered so I have to get a private loan with a co signer (since I barely have credit) . So hopefully Im still able to go this summer Im trying, my admissions coordinator withdrawn me from the school a few days ago until I got approved for the loan. Im using my dad as cosigner (he doesnt have the best credit but its my best shot) so Im praying I get approved.

  • Bump 🙂

  • Bump...lol 🙂

  • Im sorry to hear that youve had some setbacks things should improve for you soon you are young and have the world at your feet time flies Asia it feels to me as if in a blink of an eye 20 years have gone by .

  • Yeah But forget about the setbacks Ill make it through! I'm strong and I feel the reason Im not so worry about it is because I have a grand feeling things are going to go well and that Im still going this summer. And hey time does fly by but it's all about how you percieve time and use it. Even if time flies you can use it to live life to the fullest and create special memories.

  • Oh yes for sure i have many special memories but the best ones that i have are of my children nothing compares so enjoy your free time because once you have kids your life changes completley . and for the better, but your time is not your own in a good way ,.20 years ago seems like yesterday in another lifetime if you get my drift ......

  • I get your drift lol and Im sure kids change everything! Its a blessing and special moment in life when one becomes a parent so much change involved sometimes for the best and sometimes for the worst (some parents mature and adore the parental job and some resent it for holding them back and desire freedom again)

    I just came up with an amazing idea to create a blog dedicated to promoting myself and other artists. It will featue my adventures in modeling, filmmaking and art. I also will promote music and trailers and other artist work. Hopefully I can get this idea coming to reality....I feel that its a terrific idea that can really take my career sky high if I let it. I contacted a photgrapher today about free test shoot (finally a professional photo-so excited) hope he says yes. Im excited hey even if not I dont care I found other photographers in the area.

  • Good on you Asia you go girl go out there and make it happen follow your dreams with the technology we have nowadays the world is becoming a smaller place maybe some other photographer will find you would you like to go to NewYork your fashion Captial and work the runway?I live in the fashion captial of Australia but i have to say ive always been a comfy girl i cant stand getting dressed up even on my wedding day i wish i wore flats not heels .

  • Hahhaa love the hills comment and I understand the comfy thing being a Taurus I had to grow into getting dressed up ever since I was little lol. And sorry about what happened in the Taurus Traits thread and dont worry it wasnt your fault. Dont blame anyones actions on your own, just be proud that you had the guts to put yourself out there and make a thread-youre a great person 🙂

  • And sorry lol...I meant heels not hills lol!

  • Hi Asia

    Ive done a a reading for you are reading regarding whats instore for you with life in general and relationships i dont do past present and future i just do future ,if there are any major issues coming back from the past that you need to know about he cards with let me know . The time frame for reading is usually within 6 months to a year . The cards that came out for you are ,

    1. Four of cups-

    I feel alot of unhappiness around you at the moment you are bored with how you currant status is going with regards to career and relationships not alot is happening , i feel you need to seek out new opportunities that have been offered to you even if it isnt the modeling job that your heart desires to break the cycle of this monotony and to lead you on new paths that can bring future success

    1. 2 of Cups -

    Im sorry i dont feel that you will get back with your ex as a new relationship is coming into play for you within the next year with long lasting commitment , love and happiness everything you've ever wished for, but you need to get your ex out of your system you are young go out and have some fun you will meet this Mr Right when you are not looking for a relationship and this is the best time to do it . You need to have some alone time to clear your energy so that you dont take any old negative energy from this past relationship into the future one .

    1. 6 of wands -

    The card of victory and success and public acclaim well i do feel that you will do a bit of modelling in the future but i dont feel that you will do it fulltime as in the four of cups i feel that you will take on a different job offer that is going to be very successful and it is totally different to modelling but you will enjoying it so much that you will leave modelling in order to pursue this career .

    1. 3 of coins -

    This cards coincides with the 6 of wands for this new career that you have taken on you will need to do some study or on the job training i also get a strong feeling that you will be teaching others im feeling like a school teacher or along those lines what ever the job is you are very successful at it in its early stages and it will bring you more fulfillment than modelling ever could .

    1. The tower-

    There is going to be a sudden unexpected changes in the future that are unwelcoming i feel something will be hidden from you something major that has happened and the truth will be revealed and i wont lie it will be very upsetting like a slap in the face this change needs to happen for your own good even though it will be drastic ..( i dont feel it has anything to do with the new relationship) It is something to do with more along the lines with a friends or family .

    1. Page of wands-

    A very positive card to receive after The tower this card represents good news is coming your way, it also represents a young person who is enthusiastic , creative and confident i strongly feel its you ,you will pick yourself up after the Tower and be able to move into the future with a positive outlook on life , you will stronger and wiser form the towers experience , and become extremely indepentant .You are going to take on many different challenges through your new career in the 6 of wands that will be successful.

    Hope this helps love and light Loap:)

  • Thank you LOAP! I really appreciate this. And I knew it lol I really wasn't even sure if I wanted a relationship with my ex at all because I feel it is all best left in the past especially after hurting me but Im over the hurt now But I wouldn't mind us being friends. I am feeling slot of unhappiness in regards to wear my life is. I'm think Im going to enjoy film alot more than modeling since it was my first love. Can't wait but Im afraid about the roadblocks ahead I will push through even if it killsme lol.

    Do you think my ex will accept my friend request?

  • Asia im sorry about the tower i didnt want to worry you , but i have to say what i see ,now can you fill me in on the story of your friend as im not sure what you mean by accepting your request has it something to do with Facebook?

  • Yes it does has something To do with facebook and don't worry you didn't worry me about the tower. I'm glad Im aware 🙂 and I admire and appreciate your honesty-that's one value I really respect and expect from others

  • Yeah I requested my ex as a friend on facebook and I wonder if he was going to accept it or not. You dont have to do the reading tonite if you dont want to do the reading tonight because I feel to fully understand the situation I will have to explain it and right now I dont have time and I dont want to keep you waiting. I will definetly inform you tommorow 🙂 Good nite LOAP and dont criticize yourself so harshly-youre a great person (I notice you do that at times and I wanted to remind you that your great so you wont be so hard on yourself). I might be up later though, until then have a good one, god bless 🙂

  • ok Asia i am going to pick one card for yes or no but i have to agree with watergirl i feel that your energy is scattered , you need slowdown take time to think .I honestly dont see your ex coming back into your life ,but i will see what the cards say be back soon

  • Ok LOAP really appreciate this 🙂 Did you need the background with all of this or are you ok with just giving guidance through the cards?

  • Hi Asia ,

    I just picked you are card regarding your question it was the 8 of wands ,yes the card says he will contact you but not only via facebook there will be all sorts of communication with him ,anyway i honestly felt that you wouldnt hear from him so i picked another card for clarification and i got the 9 of swords the card of worry ,fear and anxiety be very careful Asia ,

    I feel that he will you use you for his own needs dont let yor guard down, and dont be so eager to do what he wants , I really dont feel he is right for you but this is your journey all i ask is that you watch for the reg flags and listen to your intuition when something doesnt feel right it isnt .

    hope this helps love and light Loap:)

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