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  • Hi Everyone :). I've felt so drawn to a man in my neighborhood for 2 years now. It feels like a past life connection.. I did a relationship reading and would love to hear any feedback on how to interpret his feelings for me? How I view myself: Knight of swords ,How I see him: The Lovers, How I feel about him: Knight of Cups, What stands between us: The Chariot, How he sees me: Knight of Pentacles How he feels about me: Queen of Cups, Present Status or Challenge: Death. Any insight would be amazing!! I have a background in astrology if I can share insights for anyone in return ;)!

  • hello britee,

    Thank you for the question.

    Knight of Swords: Are you a problem solver by nature? Seems like you love to analyse things. In particular, at this moment in time you have a lot of thoughts and ideas involving this guy. You're trying to figure him and the entire situation out.

    The Lovers: He is clearly a big attraction to you, but something is preventing you from moving forward. Something significant. Something that you (or he) is committed to and possibly requires giving up if you two are to be together in a relationship.

    Are either of you in a relationship presently?

    Knight of Cups: Something of an emotional roller coaster. One moment you are convinced of your feelings for him, the next you have serious doubts. There is also an element of dreaminess here, a risk of reality not matching the fantasy. Dreams are great. Fantasies are great, but do remember to keep yourself grounded, with at least one foot in reality. Above all else, don't raise the bar so high that no man could ever realistically achieve.

    The Chariot: There is something about this card that is telling me your lives are heading in different directions. Again, present commitments come to mind.

    Knight of Pentacles: I get the feeling of uncertainty with this card. It's almost as if he expects you to be a certain way, to be a certain person or to do certain things, but is often confused by the "real" you. There is even an element of frustration on his part as well.

    Queen of Cups: There are some romantic feelings here that are making him feel somewhat shy around you. He may even see you at times as the ideal wife and/or mother. But be wary of that Knight of Pentacles. How he sees you and how he feels about you are intrinsically linked and so far you haven't matched up to how he sees you, or more accurately how he thinks you should be.

    Death: Again, this ties in with the Lovers and the Chariot cards. Something significant has to come to an end. Note that this is not a "prediction" that something will come to an end.

    Love & light to you britee,


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