Help with a relationship...please

  • Can anyone give me some insight into a relationship I am in with a man born March 24, 1979. I was born April 27, 1979. The situation is really difficult right now, but he insists that everything is going to fall into place for us. We have a lot in commom, he has came back into my life after 18 years. We have fallen in love, and I know if I can be patient which is hard for me, that we will have an amazing life together. He says he feels very deep feelings for me, he can feel when I am upset, or having a bad night at work...and he has gotten ahold of me to ask me whats wrong. He says he does not understand how he feels these things with me and has not felt them with anyone else before. I am just needing a little guidance on what to this going to work out or am I just kidding myself? Thanks to anyone who can help me!

  • Trust your instinct; "...I know if I can be patient which is hard for me, that we will have an amazing life together"

  • MOON CHILD (I have a problem with the wicked--I believe in the power of words)

    Spirit urges you to avoid any stagnation at this time--no putting yourself on hold as you have another man waiting to cross paths in the near future. I am shown the sign DECEMBER---so it could be in December or I really feel a pull towards a December birthdate as I'm seeing the archer. Somewhere the archer is important to you. You are on an an awakening path towards balacing your gifts. Sometimes you float about life---head in the cosmos more than feet on the ground---this year is about connecting mind body spirit and learning to tell the difference between message and empathy. You absorb a lot of info from others and places. This year is about boundries and leadership----a time of moving towards power versus following. You often take the road of least resistence---find confrontation overwhelming. Spirit wants you to blossom this year to KNOW HOW STRONG YOU REALLY ARE---they raised their voices on this. If you do not beef up your boundries---allow yourself to be a bit more of a warrior life will beat it out of you

    so do not resist or drag your feet or let distractions take you off path. This man who leads you now is not making choices----there is another female beside you. He too prefers the road of least resistance--lets things happens on their own---you mirror that energy--attract it

    he is unlikely to to make the choice that will benefit you. The universe is calling to you to take charge. Move forward---he will follow or not but right now you cannot be stuck or you will be free will forced into repeating this cycle again. Take this time to study your gifts---the process--read and pray for guidance---the help is there waiting. Psychic connections are not just permission from the universe to follow. Not all connections are signs of aproval---you must use all your powers--your head--needs to be involved---you need to understand that depending on the planets we have connections to many others and that's all it is---it is not all fate---there is always choice! Use this time---special the next 6 months to put yourself out there---with groups of people---be very goal conciese--very "me" self absorbed not in a selfish way but in a self understanding way--know thyself.--you need to hone your boundries and intuitions about others and find your knowing process----you need a ritual of meditation---daily alone time-- time to cleanse and hear with your leadership power. This future man that is ahead is a leader---if you raise your energy towards your own power he will find you

    it will be a very exciting time--he is adventuroiuse, creative, wise and has a good head heart balance---he can be impulsive as he leaps ahead passionately but he has great get back on track skills----a very positive energy! BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you so much Bloom and PisceanHealer!! I feel a lil better now 🙂

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