Soulmates and/or Twinflames???

  • I would like to know if there is such a thing as soulmates and twinflames? What are they and how do you recognize them when they come into your life?

  • Not in the way you think of it. We all have soul mates - many of them. They are friends, family, teachers, etc. as well as romantic relationships. There is no such thing as the ONE person that you are meant to be with. Usually, this question of twin flames comes up when a co-dependent relationship is the issue. I'm sorry to be blunt but questioning whether this relationship is a twin flame is just a way for you to cling to the "idea" of this person when in reality you probably already know that there is something wrong and do not want to face it. The real twin flame is within yourself...the merging of the male and female aspects of yourself. This issue comes up for you because you feel that lack within yourself and look to this other person to fill it...that is the strong "need" you are experiencing. If you look honestly at your past relationships you will see the pattern. Heal yourself first and then the right love will come along. It all starts with the first step which is to be honest with yourself. It takes courage....

  • Thank you for clearing that up, makes it easier and thanks for replying.

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