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  • I don't know what I would call myself. But i've always been able to influence things around. For example if I talk about fire or someone getting burned someone close to me will get burned. Or if i talk about a particular sickness someone around me will become sick. Sometimes when I get mad weird things happen. Like pictures flying off walls.

    Now to the point. A few weeks ago me and my brother were having an argumant. I told him I hope his nose bleeds. and within five minutes his nose was bleedingIs something wrong with me? Is there a way i can bind my "gift"?

  • Someone will help you, seek out Blue Moon or the Captain, you really should guard your thoughts because everybody's thoughts are powerful. The answers always lie within though you should have a spirit guide or get in contact with your higher self. Good Luck!

    P.S. Some of it could be that you are intuitive and already know or feel that someone is gonna be sick, not so much that you may have caused it. The things flying off the walls is you projecting energy.

  • As Poetic pointed out, much of this is intuitive. You say something and something similar happens. Well your higher mind knew what was going to happen and it supplied you with information. Your conscious mind’s connection is not perfect, so rather than knowing, you end up saying something either about the subject or using words that convey the thought. (Your throat chakra is in tune with your higher mind) Some people have dream connections to the subconscious and others “hearing” or just a “knowing”. The connection that is easiest to get across to your conscious mind is what is being used to convey information.

    Now here is the good part. Rather than noticing the negative occurrences of this ability, try to tune yourself in to those thins you say that are positive occurrences. This is somewhat difficult at the beginning as the negatives are so much more easy to spot. So specifically note down those positives. Once they are spotted, they will become easier to recognize. Would it not be nice to run around telling people “Hey you’re going win on the lottery today. or That raise you want is coming?” These types of things too can be available to you.

    As for things flying off the wall when in anger, these are warnings to get in tune with your truth. You are holding things in and letting them build up. This gives others power over you and your actions. Recognize that you do NOT have to react but can stay centered in your own self and act according to your desires.

    Allow a perspective to seep into your mind. That the words and actions of others is the acting out of their own shortcomings, their own problems and fears, their emotions. Knowing this allows you to see them with compassion. They are angry with their wife or their boss and want others to feel the same way in order to justify how THEY are feeling. So, if they can manage to make your react in anger then they have succeeded in their goal. Now they feel better for transferring it to you. Do not allow others to rule you in this way. Take the higher ground. Stay in tune with your true feeling, not those that were intended to be dumped on you in order to make another feel empowered. Use words like, “I am sorry you feel this way. I hope things will get better for you. I know your day will become better and these things shall pass. Etc.” When you try for these types of words, it will then become apparent how often THEY become true.


  • I never thought of it as intuition. It make me feel better knowing i'm not causng it but predicting it. I will think over what you have said.

  • And Shield yourself from other's emotions. Beth you are so smart! Love Ya!

  • Thanks Poetic, I was having a moment and thought to put it to good use.

    Love ya too!

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