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  • Hi everyone,

    I have issues with relationships.. Especially so with some of the ladies I keep as my friends. It seems like our relationships are always full of and surrounded by drama. It feels like I've reached a point where I need to make a conscious decision on whether or not I want to put more effort into these relationships. I feel very torn between thoughts of 'enough is enough' and the bond and love that I share with these friends. It would help me a great deal if someone could reveal some of the secrets of the stars for me..

    I am a scorpio born on November 8th 1989. The three dramatic ladies are as follows:

    The Cancer born on July 1st 1989

    The Aquarian born on February 3rd 1991

    and The Taurus born on April 21st 1989

    In advance: thank you so much for even considering doing this for me. I think very highly of the members of this forum who choose to use their abilities for helping the rest of us. It is greatly appreciated, and I am in awe of your skills which never fail to give me goose bumps.

    Love and light from.

  • You and the Cancer: the primary force in this combination is your tendency to merge with each other to the point where you shut out the world. This relationship can be reclusive, with the two of you withdrawing from social contact with other people. Family and career should help you to stay in contact with the world. Your relationship sometimes builds a connection through religion, music, film or sports which can bring an almost holy aspect to it, acting as a bridge between the two of you and from you to others. You will periodically need to come up for air by withdrawing from each other for a time. This level of involvement borders on codependency, and is not ideal for your individual growth. If you two spend all your time submerged in this relationship, your efforts will be counterproductive and your social life will suffer. A situation can be set up that is similar to parallel play amongst children where they simultaneously sit next to each other and yet go about their own activities, seemingly unaware of each other's presence. Nonetheless, in a curious way, this relationship can work out, managing to serve both of your needs. If combative, competitive (especially over a third party), codependent, or claiming tendencies can be kept in check here, and openness and understanding promoted, all will be well.

    You and the Aquarian: the great temperamental differences between you will often arouse friction within this relationship. These tensions however are highly provocative, producing a dynamic at once challenging and seductive. There can be all sorts of difficulties between you but dull moments will be few. Your friend will be pleased to have her emotions stirred so deeply but is also apt to be disturbed by your intrusions. You will delight in the passion of the relationship, even though you don't always take your friend too seriously. This relationship is best taken with a grain of salt and a twinkle in the eye, a healthy way to avoid its otherwise inevitable tension and frustration. You two tend to engage in banter bordering on outright insult and often have great fun trying to one-up each other or have the last word. Actually, serious competition and jealousy can sometimes emerge here, but you two are usually well aware of how quickly such feelings can be aroused, and rarely let your relationship turn hostile. You Anna can be rather demanding and critical at times, disapproving of your friend's looser approach to certain situations, an attitude that may have drawn you to her in the first place. You two just need to let up on each other and relax more.

    You and the Taurus: this is a highly unusual relationship, one of passion and brilliance. It will be most successful when its demands are not excessive, and individual differences are respected. Freedom is a necessity here - given enough free rein, the relationship can endure, since neither of you will find another friendship as mighty or unique. Both of you are powerful as individuals, and a combination that outshines even yourselves is quite an attraction for you. This friendship can be very comforting and can even stimulate both your careers. It will have a foundation of mutual respect and each person will admire the other's achievements and power. One issue though can be physical appearance or what you Anna may see as your friend's lavish tastes and overspending - she is very sensitive to comments on these subjects and you can be highly critical about such matters, even when trying to be helpful. Conversely, her toughness may leave you feeling hurt or misunderstood. This relationship can be an incredible experience for both of you but you must arrive at a point of mutual acceptance, openness, and sharing. Be more forgivng and forgetting. Let the good times roll and don't be too uptight. Power and money aren't everything.

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