Unusual Reading

  • I asked my tarot question in the wrong place! I am new to this, and posted under Divination. Here is the question though: I was doing a quick reading tonight before I got dressed to go dancing. All evening, I kept feeling something strange, like cardboard up under my stockings. When I got home I found I had The Sun stuck to well--um--my moon. I know tarot cards take on different meanings depending on where they show up in a spread. Any ideas what it means when The Sun shows up on a middle aged spread? Honest.y, I know it's a funny question, and I'm asking rather flippantly, but I don't believe the Universe makes mistakes with these things. I can't think what it might mean!

  • Hi there, Bensmom! Just wanted to say that the SUN is one of the best cards in the tarot deck, and has no negative placement. It represents enlightenment, optimism, and being in the flow. It's about being who you are, confident, free, enlivened. The SUN indicates that anything you undertake will turn out successully. You may be singled out for notice or acclaim, or have a breakthrough. Hope that helps! Blessings, Ahliyah

  • Thank you, Ahliya. That is very helpful!

  • are you joking about the sun card? just curious, didnt you check to see what was bothering you"there" during the evening? Anyway as you have been told, perhaps the sun card is the beginning of a new happy productive relationship with your dance partner that evening. i would say that was a very clear green light!

  • Hi Persevera. No, I'm not joking although I know it sounds very peculiar, and I didn't check because I kept being asked to dance a lot, and I also thought since I had bought new clothes earlier in the day it was a price tag or something. It really was only noticeable during the tango. I didn't really think about it again until I got home. My tango partner was indeed very cute, and someone I have felt a rapport toward for some time. Here's hoping that that's the meaning!

  • LOL! That's a great story! Seeing as you got to do a LOT of dancing and we know the Sun card is always a good card, I would say the card thought you just needed a little boost to get off your Moon a little more for the evening and that energy was picked up by all those that asked for a dance. Let us know how it goes with the tango hottie. 😉

  • Interesting 'position' in that reading. But one thing that I can tell you is that the Sun is one of the few cards in the deck that no matter what position it occurs in a reading, it is always a positive sign. The Sun never has a negative meaning.

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