General life reading

  • The last 12 months have been brutal on me emotionally. Any idea when this might let up?

    DOB: 4/29/70

    Time: 11:11 am

    Place: Lowell, MA

  • Numerologically this is a year of endings for you, of finishing up old business in order to make way for the new next year, of moving on. It is a time to sort out what is really important to you, and to let go of anything, any person or any situation that is not serving your best interests. You will need to be honest and determined when doing this. You simply cannot move forward with any outdated useless anchors around your ankles. You are clearing the way for a new beginning to arrive so be ruthless with yourself about what you really need in your life. Cut all unhealthy ties and let go of harmful habits.

    The body's cells regenerate every 7 years so you will be a totally new person next year. You need to have equally new attitudes, friends, and circumstances in order to match your new physical persona.

  • Could I have one please

    D.O.B 13/09.1993

    would like to know about my career and love life. 🙂

  • AngelGirll, can you please start your own personal thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of this page and I will answer you there? That way the answers don't get confused or the vibes mixed up.

  • Sorry for that, I've done it now xoxoxox 🙂

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