Help for a friend...Please help

  • My friend has had a very bad year, with close people dyeing around her, she was in a very unhealthy relationship and he won't go away...I no she loves him, but i've been through it myself and im trying to protect her and make her see sense..I understand it's hard for her, Shes such a pretty young women But she's so wrapped up in this relationship I was wondering if someone could give a reading about her love life in the future and if she will countinue with this guy... I was also wondering if you could tell us abit about him as he's in trouble with the police and she's never met his family..His mother has recently kicked him out, and she dosen't really know much about him...I'd really appeciate if someone could help..

  • We need some info about the people concerned in order to tune into their vibes, either birthdates or photos or both.

  • hannah my friends birth date16.06.1994 her ex's birth date his birth date 11 October 1990

  • Hannah- Brown hair

  • ..

  • Sorry about all that picture trouble, the photo above is of her ex, the photo of my friend is at the following link it wouldn't upload directly to this page.

  • This relationship is outgoing and energetic and characterized by a lot of dynamism and activity. This pair is always on the go - but not always together. When they are in the same place at the same time however, they will seek each other out to share their experiences. More importantly, if they join forces, they will discover a new talent - together they can conceive and implement new, exciting and workable projects. So this makes a good working relationship.

    But it is much more difficult for love. Passion does exist within the relationship and it generates the couple's drive, but it also creates the risk of conflict and emotional eruptions. This guy is one of the few people who can keep up with your adventuresome friend. They can be an unbeatable combination at the head of a company, small business, or social group. An added bonus is that your friend's money and investment sense together with this guy's social skills and flamboyance are an ideal combination in business. As long as the good of the group remains the highest goal here, few problems will emerge, but if this guy should turn selfish or greedy and tries to turn things to his own advantage, big trouble can be expected. The relationship is often unable to sustain such conflict and will break down or up. This guy definitely needs to be loved but it's hard for him to tell if it's one person he wants to love him or a whole bunch of adoring fans. Even he isn't sure. He doesn't understand the difference between keeping his independence and running away from love. It may be a long time before he matures enough to figure it out. So he swings back and forth between intimacy and social involvement, hoping to be caught by a commitment that totally grabs him but always evading capture at the last minute.

    A love affair or friendship here seldom remains in the intimate realm for long - each person can show great interest in the other's work and career and is usually itching to get involved. This desire doesn't usually improve the quality of the original relationship, however - in fact, it can create enormous problems where few existed before. Power struggles almost inevitably emerge over who is the leader and what direction should be followed. There is a danger then that the relationship's destructive side will emerge here, leaving little in its wake but smoking ruins. Once that happens, the relationship is truly over.

  • Thank you could you explain it more understandable please, Do you also know also know abit about his relationship with his family and my friends relationship with her family.

  • This boy is rebelling against the world at the moment and he is very self-centred and egotistical, wanting only what he wants and not caring much about others. He likes your friend for his own purposes and not for her sake. His family is fed up with his selfishness and rebelliousness and have virtually disowned him. Your friend has lost a lot of people in her life which is why she clings to this guy - she doesn't want to lose him too. But it's not a healthy relationship. At this point the boy is just too self-centred to really love anyone else. He needs some hard knocks - like getting into trouble with the police - to wake him up. Best for your friend not to be near him now or she will be sucked into his downfall too.

  • Thank you for that Captain this has helped my friend realize that little bit more...I hope it can help her to move forward with her life without him, thank you for taking your time to comment here, I do believe he won't go away that easily though, But shes got great friends and family who will help her as much as we can. xoxoxoxo Jess

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