Just stuck in a rut

  • I have been told that I will meet someone special, they even named him (John), also have been told about a new job. I am just stuck in a rut. My bd 10/27/58. Anyone, do you see anything good for me, and if so when Thank you

  • When you remove the issues and fears that are blocking your path to happiness. The time frame starts when you change your way of doing things - it could happen today if you want to do the self-work. Ask yoursefl what inner problems could be standing on your way of finding love or a new career. Is there a hidden fear of change, of the things that you cannot control if you do make a change? Are you expecting things to happen in a certain way or the way you want them to? If so, you are limiting your opportunities. Are you so obsessed with running the show or being independent that it spoils your enjoyment of personal relationships? Are you afraid you have become obsolete when it comes to your working life?

    If you are stuck, it is because you are being too rigid in your thinking and doing. Your life will flow when you unblock yourself. You can be a real dynamo when you focus on any task you have to complete, so complete your life. Don't just sit there hoping luck will knock at your door - go and make a plan for getting what you want. The Universe wants everyone to achieve their dreams - it is only ourselves who hold us back.

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