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  • Hi n welcome to Tell It Like It Is!

    A thread tolet loose on how u feel at any given moment. Sad mad happy excillerated hyper depressed giddy on prozac whatever, all is allowed n it is right.Last ill say we have a right to be wrong n i add we have a right to b right also lol

    Ill go first:


  • LOL CWB,

    Love the boob statement .


    Love James Brown & LOVE the boob comment! I'm barely a B-cup but that's plenty.

    Right this minute I'm feeling CONFLICTED! I have stuff to do around my house but I'm sitting in my office checking out what's going on around here. My inner-child is winning but I really need to finish the yardwork I started yesterday before it get's too hot outside. Maybe I can keep the IC quite with a cookie for a little while I get some work done - yuck :{

    Great day to all!

  • Ha!!! CWB you are so fun! and I LOVE the boob comment too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dear CWB,

    Haha...I love your sense of humor...I was just checking in today and had this strange feeling that I needed to see how you were doing...Hope all is well, and obviously you were having a good Sunday! Hope the rest of your week goes as well or better!

    Oh and I am in a good mood at the moment! So we will go with feeling good! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lots of love and blessings!

    Laci ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Well last night i felt used n yet not tired,

    Today I feel USED in sense of Not much sleep n the sleep i had was YUUMM HOT ...... i think....

    ye hot sweet sexy yummy n aaaaaaawwwwww ................... n NOOOO i wont reveal what LOL


  • I feel so confused. He stops talking to me. Have no idea why. Too many questions cross my mind now.

    so weird.. @@'

  • I love it when you start these threads CWB it makes me feel ok that I make mistakes & it is ok to be human!!! I am trying to figure out why the mistakes at work & between those idiots always acting like they are hoilier than thou & never make mistakes always belittilng the other coworkers no wonder coworkers hate talking to them or asking for help!!! at least I can say it made me make a dr's appt to get my head checked out (possible concussion & a really bad sinus infection that needs antibotics

    and I love the comment on boobies!!! small but mine and over a mouthful is a waste hahah

  • Haha...Cwb! Glad to hear you are doing better today than before. ๐Ÿ™‚ Funny how sometimes we just get those little feelings...maybe my intuitive side is working afterall. ๐Ÿ™‚ I will have to remind it not to take any vacations. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Talk to you later,

    Laci ๐Ÿ™‚

  • well a pictures useal tells a 1000 words lol

  • Today I am kicking myself, I finally got away from a relationship that I saw going bad for me and yesterday I picked it back up. WWWWHHHHYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME!!?

  • HHmmm nothing but fear. I think u fear ull do worse on ur own than in a bad thing. i hope u find courage to stick to ur guns n move on alone.

    kisskiss hugs n courage

  • CWB, yeah maybe your right.

    I think I am more physically attracted to him than anything. Where I am usually attracted to guys that can first get my attention on an intellectual level. This man is so far from intellectual but very grasping physically. I need to control my passion and use my own intellect. Thanks for the advice though. I know we all do it, we know what our problems are and where they stem from, if we just sit back and really look at them. Just needed to vent.

  • Venting is aokay as its a feeling one has so no problem. if u feel like full flown vent dig the thread Today i HATE n today i wanna WACK ull get a kick outta those also

  • Today I started feeling great...I accomplished alot at school (college summer classes)...I then proceeded to go to work . I just got off an hour ago Im so drained yet I cant sleep. My cancer is distance because I cant provides what he needs at the moment which is to see me:(...Im away at school....Im planning to make time for him yet its confusing and making me feel disengaged because I need him to understand better yet accept the fact that this school stuff is primary at the moment; Plus my mom told me today Im still inLove...So I guess u can say my feelings are keeping me up at night, and I keep listening to this song called" Fallen" by Mya.

    Oh btw CharmedWitchBente I shouted u out last week, I hope u can answer my ? on my topics

  • Oh u did??? wow 1st i missed one HAHAHAAHAHAh oMG well i guess ill go looky see where it got stashed. I too have troub sleeping. Second night in row. Good thing is at times i do get a flash movie of something VERY nice heheeheheheeh n NOOO i wont look n tell hahahaahahah

  • Ok goodmorning if it is such a morning, im not sure. Ahm i awoke from an unnerveing dream n UGH so my plan 4 today is to write if i can my version of a female countess of monte cristo. ive got some of it in my head rest has ti play out as i go n write.

    my tell it like it is today is pride. WT EFF? whathas pride done to me n others other than stalling n missing out on chances ??? the only time pride has saved my EFF has been when i had to defend myself n make a point as in its my life non elses.

    when it comes to who makes the first move when u love someone else do one really has pride to loose or just fear itself?

    i say fear itself is all one has to loose pride stalls u n keeps u back from wonderful things. I find when ive swallowed whatever pride i had i actually made it so that i won more by it than if i hadnt. it was always well what the hell have i to loose? ive already made an EFF of myself, ive been the hare so ive already screwed it all up. i cant loose more than i have n pride PISH POSH ..... it has so far kept me back n tripped me up.

    pride was what kept the old south Count Cotton in the works until the civil war. What had the old south too soon after?

    pride keeps us from progressing n make choises n moves. So when we dig a level deeper is pride disguised as fear n well to that all we have to loose is fear itself n now aint that the worth to risk making a choise n move on something we want?

    If we dont swallow that dang pride n risk loosing fear itself weยดll never progress in anything nor with anyone. I also say once u have tested loosing ur fears n swallowing that stupid pride the easier it get.

    So im off this soapboax n say pride b dammed n jump in.

  • love the saying about the perfect a$$ & garfield ha ha!! hopefully today will be better as one of the peeps is going on vac & the office should be somewhat quiet!!!!! and I was able to fix my error yeah!!! and I love the meds the doc gave m makes me relaxed & keeps the headaches away for awhile for the first time in 2 months I was able to sleep & wake up with hardly any headache woohoo!!

    can I have some of the water from the smart fountain? or how about a fountain for caring & kindness

  • drink away lol

  • Goodafternoon or ought i say goodmorning as i was mesmerized by my writings. i was up till close to 4 AM writing. so now im sitting in 2 minds ought i slink back n awake or write to finish it? LOL ill most DEFINITELY finish it. its an old plot with twists n i know once done ill read it n go EFF di i EFFING write THIS???? HOLY EFF!!! LOL

    Until i get round to it ill tell it as it is, my men is on me mind n oh by GAAWWWDDD lol

    Ah right now is life GOOODD!!!!!

    later guys

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