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    Could you please do a reading for me? My guy friend just told me he is interested in me. But i don't know if he's being honest about it. I've been hurt a lot in the past by men playing with my heart, just don't want to go through all that again.

    Is he interested in me? And do you see a future for us? Anything you can tell me about this relationship would help so much. Just needing a little clarity.

    My dob is 9-8-76.. His dob is 12-27-60

    Thank you so much 😃

  • This can work well for a love relationship if you both want it to. This matchup will encourage learning, experimentation, and personal development through experience. You two usually have enough respect and trust for each other to be able to rely on each other's observations and input. Even without living or working together, in many ways you will parallel each other in your evolution, needing only to contact each other from time to time in order to touch base. In fact, it may be difficult for you to establish your relationship in the same physical space, for you tend to be territorial and possessive, and find it hard to share what you see as your own.

    Likewise, struggles can emerge in living together or marriage over space and ownership. The extent of these controlling attitudes can become all too apparent should you break up - divorce or separation can feature vehement fighting over property and children. A love affair is much less troubled. Here you two can place a higher value on ideals, affection and consideration - in short, intangibles rather than material possessions. Your matchup is very sensual; in fact, gustatory, tactile and sexual areas draw you two like a magnet and may prove a solid basis of your relationship. Still, avoiding the trap of common ownership of possessions is a good idea in your romance too.

  • That was very informative and helped a lot.

    Thank you so much 😃

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