Tower, Judgment and Death in a three relationship card spread!?!?!?

  • Ok, so I've had a lot of "WOW!" moments when consulting cards, but nothing quite like this!

    A simple question just popped into my mind:

    "What does he want from me?"

    So I completed a spread:

    Tower (Current situation - not past...)

    Judgement (Course of action to be taken)

    Death (New situation that will evolve)

    Clarifier - Two of Cups

    What I do know: He doesn't want me to leave his life. 😉 Our time spent together is really energizing and fun.

    Background: We are currently not together, have not discussed anything, and are simply platonic. Neither of us have verbalized feelings or desire. Right now, there are obstacles for a romantic relationship. I posted another spread earlier on here that I was having a bit of difficulty with: . For that Celtic Spread, I understood the outcome to mean that beginning a relationship would simply be up to him. Could the Tower represent change within his own life? Judgment when he's fully ready to start something? Death, the beginning for us...or the end of a simple friendship?

    I hope someone can help me understand this. Two of Cups (clarifier) always has the potential for a strong friendship (we have acknowledged how we "get" each other), but what friendship would require this sort of change? where I want something he doesn't? The other option could be that he wants nothing from me romantically, has no motives, and the Two of Cups represents his desire for friendship.

  • Hello ashley685,

    Thank you for the question.

    Is there a 3rd person involved here? There's a feeling of a fundamental shift about to occur (or needs to occur) which will bring the truth to light. Someone is going to be shocked. They never saw this coming.

    Be careful ashley685, something you may believe to be true, may turn out not to be. In fact, there is a great deal of pain associated with this spread. The kind that's associated with growth and the shedding of our old ways to make room for new and better things.

    I feel Snake medicine is around you now - change, growth, transformation. A new you is coming forward.

    The 2 of Cups is telling you that you'll get your heart's desire, but it's not what you believe it is at this moment in time.

    Love & light to you ashley685,


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