URGENT :what does a Gemini guy want from me?

  • So 2 month ago I start to date a gemini guy. After about a month we got intimate and all was working well and another month later when i asked him about how he feels and that i wish to be serious he said he likes me but he doesnt know..and that he didnt even really think about that far..later that night i also found out he started messeging with some girl, but i know he wasnt intimate with her..but still he was asking her if she is single and stuff like that..I told him I know about that girl, and said I want to end whatever that was between us cuz I see we are just not on same level. I also said him I dont wish any contacts and went home. He started sending me messeges and apologizing that he dont know why he did this that he cant explain it,,that maybe all just happenned to fast. i responded i dont wanna listen to his stupid excuses and to please stop contact me and leave me alone. He answeard he is sorry i think like this about him. So i deleted him from all contacts and started forgetting him..

    well after a week(yesterday) he sends me messege again like nothing happened. I asked him why is he sending me messege and he answears he misses me. I send him back that well it is his foult, he screw it up and what is done is done. I also said to leave me alone so we will be both happy. He replied he dont want to stop. After that i didnt send him anything.

    Im confused about what he really wants..Is he playing with me?testing?or maybe he really misses me? i know basic things about geminis...but i really dont get this one so please help me anyone..should i just ignore him or give him a chance?

  • 2 pisces1987,,,, so sorry to hear your situation. i understand the gemini man for i am one myself who has been with a Pisces for many years.. my advantage is i have a capricorn moon to keep me grounded and loyal and leo rising which allows me to be a leader and take charge if needed plus, i grew up attending the school of hard knocks. lol.... okay my pisces doesnt seem like some i know or hear of other than she is lazy and sensitive. sometime she picks up on peoples thoughts as well. she is very introverted and shows no talent of anykind like lots of pisces. also very dependent and needy..... tell me how a gemini man has put up with this for so many years lol ! okay as far as your situation my feeling is he dose care and have feelings for you but, he will always be attracted to others as well and flirt with them. gemini has the ability to love more than one woman at a time. with him flirting around already

    then it will continue and that will make a Pisces miserable.. again it doesn't mean he is bad or trying to hurt you, its just a gemini mind is not the same as the rest, they are actually 2 people. im sure he is truly sincere about how he feels but unless you have other aspects to your chart that match you two then i would say these are the worst 2 signs to try and make a go of it. i think you would miserable and him as well. i hope this helped, please dont hesitate if i can be of anymore assistance. ! thanks ! e w f

  • U sound just like my Gemini BF lol. Geminis will not be in a serious relationship within a first few months of meeting them unless THEY fell first. They want to be free to do whatever they want to do, they like to be sociable and outgoing. If u r not any of those then u may drive a Gemini crazy. It sounds to me that he is interested but u really have to fight for a Geminis love. I am a cancer water sign sensitive emotional side of me drives him crazy lol but his fickle mind drives me insane, and that's all the bad things I have to say about him. A Geminis love is definitely worth the fight!

  • thank u u were right about he does care..sorry my first language is not english so im trying to explain what happened.so after long everydays texting i finally decided to agree to go on drink to talk with him. he said he does missed me and like me otherwise he wouldnt write me..and he didnt know what happened.he said it was to early for him to even think about serious if we didnt spend time enoughand didnt even really know eachother. i said to him i didnt feel like he is giving enough to try so why should i stay if im the only one who is trying to work out .he was agree he didnt really try but said he want us to try. he is now totally different person..he is writing me romantic poems lol he wants to see me all the time,wants that i sleep over night and making plans for vacation..he even started to be jelousie about me going out and to who im talking..strange but i am acting cold now..im not sure if he really is into me and im afraid if i let my feelings again to see how much i care for him he wil be the same guy before..i dont know how to act? Is it good to be more distant to geminis? i read somewhere they dont really like clingy people and they get scared..i am confused..

  • im not really good about this charts really but i analyze and he is :

    Sun in Gemini, Moon in Aquarius *Ascendant in Aquarius, Uranus in the Tenth House *Moon in the First House *Moon Conjunct Ascendant *Sun in the Fourth House *Venus in the Sixth House *Saturn in the Eighth House

    and me is :

    Sun in Pisces, Moon in Gemini *Ascendant in Cancer, Moon in the Twelfth House *Saturn in the Sixth House *Neptune Opposition Ascendant *Venus in the Eighth House *Sun in the Tenth House *Moon in the Twelfth House

    so if this help?? i dont even know what this mean sorry xD

  • Hi, I hate to highjack this thread, but I have a question about a Gemini as well. My gem and I broke up a few months back. we've kept in somewhat contact and the last time we talked(about a week ago) he told me that he missed me. he hasn't contacted me since then. I'm just wondering if Gemini men need a lot of coaxing or if he's just trying to play me.

    we got serious and were together for almost 6 months before we broke up. he told me he loved me and talked about a future together with me all the time.

    I'm truly confused...



  • i have to disagree chiqi.... my main problem is i put everyone else first in my life.... everyone is different sun signs have some character traits but a sun sign only doesnt make a person selfish., but there environment and how they were raised does.

  • I agree with chiqui 100%

  • mine has been talking to me more and eluding that he misses me but won't come out and tell me. he even asked me to come over the other day and I was out with friends so I said no. plus, I don't know what his intentions are at the moment. I saw him on the dating website that we had originally met on and he had been active so i'm TRULY confused....

  • a gemini aquarius with a picses cancer , i can see how you were getting closer, quicker than him.

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