Reading for the confused and frustrated scorpio?

  • I have been in a relationship now for 11 years and always stood by it regardless of how my partner has selfishly behaved. I am at a turning point in my life where I have begun to realize that I have needs as well and embarked on my own endeavors however have been made difficult by the ones that should support me the most. They are only okay if they don't inconvenience him, or at least that is how it appears. It is now, when I have begun to separate and gain independance, that the support is shown for those endeavors. Is this person only trying to keep me or are they being sincere or am I being selfish? I never put a thought into ending it before now but now seems like there is no other option for either of us to be happy.


    Mine: 10/27/76

    His: 12/19/75

  • This relationship works best for friendship and is most difficult for love. The matchup emphasizes matters of the mind - critical thinking, verbal agility, conversation. This is lucky because on your own you both tend to be weighty, even depressive, individuals so your ability to bring out each other's lighter side can be a blessing. However that does not mean the relationship is easy. Using your intellects to solve emotional problems is a formidable task for the two of you, but it sometimes seems the only way open. You may both be interested in clearing the air, but your good intentions are not always enough. You will have to work hard and tackle complex emotional confrontations before you can breathe free. You two can often spend hours (not always together) trying to figure out solutions to the relationship's problems. Unfortunately, consequent worry and anxiety may play roles as well. If freedom is to be attained here, it will not be without a struggle.

    In a love affair or marriage, you and your partner's belief in your ability to think problems through often runs you up against a brick wall, creating considerable frustration. The relationship's theme of freeing itself from its problems may mean that you two will eventually free yourself from each other.

  • Thank you very much for your insight. I am new to the blogs, so I am still learning how to use them. I am looking forward to reading much more from you as well as others.

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