Multiple major arcanas in reading?

  • Hi all,

    I'm rather new to tarot. In a visit to NOLA a reader asked me if I read cards. I told him I had wanted to for some time, and he told he had the feeling that I would make a good reader and healer and that I should start reading tarot.

    Anyways, to put a long story short, I did start am still learning... Today I did a Celtic Cross reading asking for general advice in the coming months since I am going through a lot of changes (hitting a crossroads of sort) and I'm having a lot of difficulty finding the right path.

    The reading came up with several court cards and major arcana cards so it seems like an important message... I would really like to know what your interpretations are in case I am misreading or missing something.

    I followed a variation of CC that is a little different from the traditional version.

    Card 1: Strength

    Card 2: The Hanged Man

    Card 3: Reversed Ace of Cups -- past

    Card 4: Reversed Knight of Swords -- future

    Card 5: Justice -- possible future/best outcome

    Card 6: The Devil -- subconcious feelings/influences

    Card 7: Reversed King of Pentacles -- advice

    Card 8: Page of Pentacles -- environment/external influence

    Card 9: The Chariot -- hopes/fears

    Card 10: Reversed Page of Cups -- outcome

    Thanks in advance for any insight 🙂

  • Anyone pls? In case you are interested, here is my interpretation...

    This is a time where I need to be strong and keep a positive attitude (Strength) despite the fact that everything is hanging in the balance (Hanged Man). In the past I have been emotionally damaged and experienced difficulties overcoming that (Rx Ace of Cups) and I need to be wary in the future of making rash decisions because of my impatience and focus my ideas and stay committed to them (Rx Knight of Swords).

    I'm having difficulty interpreting Justice as a possible future or outcome card... is it positive or negative? Does it point to the fact that despite my worries about the future I will receive a just outcome? Any insight would be appreciated..

    As for the Devil, it could point to my self destructive tendencies and weaknesses that are hindering me from making a clearheaded decision about my future. This is backed up by the Rv King of Pentacles card as advice, which seems to say the king's energies (hard working, logical, responsible) are being blocked and I need to work on unblocking this energy. The Page of Pentacles signifies my situation in which I have the freedom to pursue different career paths or futures, and my hopes and fears are illuminated through the Chariot (the hope/fear for smooth sailing and transition from my old life to new one).

    Altogether, I'm having difficulty interpreting my final outcome and how it relates to my uncertainty for the future and how to progress through this crossroad I'm hitting. How does the Page of Cups (reversed) play into this?

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