Dear captain, insight please

  • This is best for a casual companionship, rather than anything deeper or more intimate. Because you both have a frank, open and spontaneous outlook, you would think that you would be magnetically attracted to each other and form an immediate bond. Yet your relationship often shows a need to confront the dark or shadow side of life and may probe aspects that are deeply emotional, even troubled. This combination is very communication oriented, so its explorations will usually occur in the form of long discussions, arguments, or debates. It also carries with it a hidden but rather rigid structure of mental rules and obligations that will tend to make both of you uncomfortable.

    If this relationship can be kept light and unserious, you two can make excellent friends or acquaintances, sharing many of life's pleasures. Problems arise if you get into a love affair or live together, because then your interactions will be more complex and often disturbing. You Janet don't look for problems so you won't find a relationship with this Aries guy easy to deal with, filled as it would be with contrasting moods and outspoken attitudes. Your insistence on an easy sensuality can periodically be disrupted by your partner's dissatisfaction and frustration. Likewise, he being the more dynamic partner may come to resent what he perceives as your cloying and delaying influences, especially in the career area. Conflicts will also emerge when you compete verbally for the attention of others. Each will seek to take the spotlight away from the other. Marriage would definitely not work well here since neither of you is likely to want to assume a more mature role. Any children you had would end up in reverse parent-child roles, taking on early responsibility through parental default and would end up very frustrated and angry at you both.

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