• Do you other Pisces like to travel?

    This Piscean hopes to travel the world.

  • I've been reading your post this AM, I'm also a Pisces, and yes I love to travel. There is another Pisces who has posted in a number of forums and he talks about spending his life traveling, I've been trying to find out more but he hasn't responded. As a child my family traveled across the United States, mostly Southeastern states with my father's work. As an adult I've done some traveling too, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, Singapore, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Canada, Indonesia (Bali/Java) Mexico. I believe that's all, been in airports in other countries but wasn't able to investigate see places. I hope to travel more in my future, a little scary now with the way the world is but there are many States I still haven't visited, would like to go to each and every State. My hubby doesn't like to travel, only visit with his family but I have adventure in my blood. By the way, I'm married to a Crabby Cancer.

    Have a lovely day!

  • Thank you so much for replying.

  • im a pisces and i LOVE to travel- actually im starting right now from july a 1 year-trip :-)) i got the possibility my boss is great so i took a year off and i will go to asia and southamerica.... ive been already in germany, holland, finnland, sweden, france, spain, italy, hungary , chech rep. (ok im from austria so europe is pretty easy to travel ;-)) tunisia, turkey, dom.republic, guatemala, mexico, costa rica, india, indonesia(bali)... i love to get in touch with different cultures and mentalities ... but since im born 22.2 i guess im still influenced by aquarius who loves freedom and beeing on the road....

    enjoy this sunday on the other side of the big ocean 😉

  • xenia22, You were born just one day before me on the same cusp. I am a Pisces/Aquarius cusp also. I have traveled some. I have been to Attleborro, Ma, Virgina Beach, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Mexico, and I was born in Germany. But, I seem to have traveled just a little in comparison to you. But I can say I grew up Hiking, swimming and skiing in Yosemite National Park. Have fun on your travels, take pictures!

  • Xenia

    wow you've been everywhere. I also like to learn about other cultures. So how was Costa Rica I was supposed to go next year but not anymore. How was India?

  • well costa rica was fun but very western style- india is sooo different then anything else i saw its incredible, mystique, dirty,holy, crowed, joyful, special and spiritual amazing- i kinda stuck a bit in india because im going again there hehehehe for the 3. time but its big so need to check out more places there

    im having a travelblog where i will put pics aswell -if u r interested go and check evry now and then - i will be writing in german but also in english since i have a lot of friends just speaking english go and if u want u can leave a comment aswell 😉

    travelling is pat of my life and im happy i met a special man who sees it the same way

  • I understand that traveling is not an easy task but if you do it with all your love and have access to website like then you can make your own trip plan all alone without second concern

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  • @Judgmental said in Traveling:

    This Piscean hopes to travel the world.

    I have same question about this.
    how I can know it's good to travel base on pices?

  • Travelling is a unique opportunity to see the world. When we visit different countries, we broaden our mind. We can see famous places of interest with our own eyes and visit well-known places. We can talk to local people and learn something which is not written in books.

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  • I've never been on a trip... But I hope I can fix it someday.

  • In general, as far as I know, traveling is very cool. At least, I've always dreamed about it, but no matter how sad it sounds to me, I can't find the time to make my dream come true. Although it is very easy to make apply for russian visa today, but I constantly have some unforeseen circumstances. Apparently not fate.

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