Intuition or Just Nothing

  • I recently saw a picture of a friend's 2 ½ week old daughter and his new wife. The baby looked like she was dead. I have seen dead babies and small children having had deaths in my family but this real shocked me. I do have some degree of intuition that I've been aware of my whole life but this not like this. Am I being over sensitive or does it mean something?

  • Has anyone else commented on the picture - did the friend, for example, say that the picture quality was or wasn't good? Was it taken on a phone or a camera? Maybe if you asked to see the same picture again, or a different picture, then this would help you to decide. I do empathise with you; I am in the same boat and I know how difficult it is to work out where the message/feeling comes from. What has helped me in the past, has been to review what I have seen/experienced and write it down. Don't think I will have been much help, but at least you know other people reading your post, experience similar happenings. I personally would, like I say, keep it to myself and if you want to be shown more evidence, I would 'ask' for it, but then you need to know what you would do with the information anyway?

  • Last pictures I saw of the baby were last week and baby was ok. I definitely will not say anything to my friend about this it. I have had such things happen before and kept them to myself, it's just this time since it was a very new baby I felt like I had been hit by something, my heart sank, as did my stomach this is typical for when I get that bad feeling of a loss.

    It does help to know others have these times as well. Thanks thepolyglot.

  • well if the baby was fine, it means your feelings (intuition) was not true. Believe that their are fears in us that bring images and also some times we don't see it right. Also, intuition often is misused and replaced with obsession or images coming out of fear. I too am very intuitive, but very often intuition tells me NO, its not me here. So the baby is fine. It's just a picture, that brings different message to different people, depending on how they feel. On the other hand, keep believing on this, doesn't help the baby. You are projecting your fear on something innocent, so If I were you I would just doubt me and my intuition and correct my thoughts and have my coffee. sincerely B

  • Hi there. In my limited experience, there are all sorts of intuition, like Breze1 says. I think that the most you can do, is to be involved as a friend would be, in supporting the new family. Intuition might mean that there might be a couple of hiccoughs ahead and that you will be needed as a friend, supporting the family. They might not be serious problems, maybe just a cold that the baby has, but again I do agree with Breze1 that the continuous learning curve of intuition, is our judging when, if and how our intuition is accurate. I, too, have seen photos where you just get the feeling that there will be a negative outcome. I have dismissed them and thought, well, I will be there for them if they need me and that is all I can do about that. One time, though, I had an out of body experience, and I know it sounds weird, but I was at a village prayer meeting and we were praying for a baby which was not yet born, but which was expected to be severely handicapped when born and that it wouldn't survive. (the mum had been prescribed a medicine for a blood disorder before she or the doctor knew she was pregnant). Anyway, I felt, during prayer, that I was there, with the baby. Sounds crazy, I know. But I was in there. I was completely not in the room any more. And the baby was emanating so much light and so much love, reassuring me that everything would be alright. I came out of it, and the prayer reader was still talking, so I closed my eyes again, hoping to recreate what I had just experienced. But no, nothing happened. Anyway, I took this information to the prayer meeting leader because I didn't feel I could tell this woman her baby was going to be ok against the odds, just because I had had a weird experience that I didn't understand. You can probably guess the rest - the baby turned out to be fine. And no, I never did tell the mother. This intutuitive episode was much stronger than the others I had had. I have never had one like it since - and that was 20 years ago but I remember it like yesterday. I don't know if any of this actually helps you or confuses you but I am posting it in the hope that it helps you qualify what you are feeling. x

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