• Hi Captain ,

    I was wondering if you could do a reading for me im going through a really low phase in my life right now do you see me coming out if it soon and do you see me moving residence in the near future . I would be grateful for anything you pick up on .

    Many Thanks in advance

    Love &Light Loap 🙂

  • LoaP, the fact that you are anxious over your future indicates that you can't quite trust the Universe enough to let go of control and go with the flow. The Universe wants us to have everything we need. It is not what stops us achieving our goals - it is ourselves with our fears and issues that do. Our fears are roadblocks to having what we want. So if things seem to have stagnated for you, it means your attitude has also stagnated.

    However, though certainly self-doubt and insecurity will be holding you back, it may not be your own negativity you are feeling. You are very sensitive to the energies around you and need to be careful not to absorb the negativity of others. If you are feeling down, get away into nature or somewhere private to see if the bad feelings go away. You have the natural gift of inborn intuition so you must follow your hunches (not your mind or emotions) at all times. Occasionally, when you lose your way and seem to be caught in a cycle of self-delusion, you may tend to indulge in self-pity, martyrdom, or destructive patterns of escapism. At such times you can draw critical or negative people to you and, because you absorb their negativity, they will make things much worse for you. So you really need to go it 'alone' at these times and not feel like a victim of circumstance. You do have the power to get what you want - it's not about control however, but about following your gut instincts and not letting fear hold you back.

    Time to remove the roadblocks so you can move forward with your plans! You need to figure out what is stopping you from moving forward. You need to compare what you think you believe with the results of what you have in your life at present - do the two things match up? Are you seeing the results of what you WANT to believe or what you REALLY believe? You must ask yourself some hard questions -

    Am I deep down afraid of change, even though I am depressed by my current situation? What do I fear change bringing to me? Could my fear of change be at the bottom of my 'stuck' situation? Do I cling to control so much that I don't like to go into an unknown situation over which I have no control?

    Or am I depressed because I cannot seem to control and order my current situation? Why am I afraid to let go of control and just trust that everything will work out for the best? Do I feel that I won't be taken care of unless I do it all myself?

    Am I wanting to move to get away from my present problems? In reality, I will bring them with me everywhere I go so I may as well deal with them here and now.

    Am I too focused on clinging to material possessions and comfort and not enough on having more love, spirituality, new friends and new experiences in my life?

    Do I financially self-sabotage myself, experiencing both desire and fear of money and success, with a tendency towards feast or famine and nothing inbetween? Money will flow to me naturally when I dedicate my powerful creative drives to the common good and helping others. By putting more energy and service into the world, and by not allowing money to become the main issue or focus of my life, the more abundance and success will come back to me.

    It's not about controlling, dominating, outshining, or manipulating other people or situations, but in controlling yourself and directing your considerable power and energy in positive ways that will help you to reach your goals. When you feel in control of yourself internally, you can go anywhere and your life will always be in order. You may feel you can't give enough or receive enough. You may have self-doubt and insecurity issues that go back a long way. But don't deny or repress your power - learn to handle it and channel it properly. Tame the chaotic tiger in you. Become the creative, powerful and brilliant problem-solver that you really are. Instead of drowning in stagnant self-pity, victimhood or depression, get up and go after what you want. Get some exercise to release any pent-up or blocked creative energy. Live each moment to the fullest and with passion, instead of wasting it worrying about the future. Explore all possibilities with determination and trust. Then you can achieve anything in life that you want.

    It's all about attitude. You are the only one holding you back. Everything changes when YOU change. That is my prediction and my promise.

  • Hi Captain,

    I was wondering if you could do a reading for me Im going through a lot right now. My dob is 01/19/74. I also wondering about my pending case. Do I have fighting chance? I appreciate you taking the time out to do a reading for me.


  • Cc2510, can you please start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" at the top right of this page - that way each person's vibes don't get mixed and confused.

  • Hi Captain,

    Thankyou for doing this reading for me yes ive often thought is moving away from it all the answer ? i know that if i did i would have plenty of time to my self as i would have no family and friends around , but is the grass greener on the other side,? i know that im wallowing i really want to change my situation but i dont want ot hurt or offend anybody in the process i just feel as if i never get anytime to myself anymore and everything is slowly caving in on me . I guess getting broken sleep everynight is not helping either . There is a health issue that is making me worry all the time it is not life threatening but its been playing on my mind non stop . its the last thing i think of when i turn in and the first thing i think of when i wake up in the morning . Its really taken over my life to the point im dreading the future . I need to change my way of thinking thankyou so much for your lengthy post this is the one that stood out to me the most ,

    Am I wanting to move to get away from my present problems? In reality, I will bring them with me everywhere I go so I may as well deal with them here and now.

    I know i have to face what is going to happen with my health issue head on and i cant just upsticks with my 3 little kids and runaway when the the going gets tough i have to be the tough and get going .

    Thank again for all your help Captain oh can i ask you is your username from Kacey Chambers song ?

    Many Blessings love and light Loap:)

  • No, my user name is the nickname my friends gave me once when we were talking about our ideal job and (me being a science fiction fan) I said "Starship captain". Everyone started calling me "captain" after that and the name stuck. 🙂

    "i really want to change my situation but i dont want ot hurt or offend anybody in the process" - you realize your situation won't change while you are in two minds about which direction you want to move in?

  • Hi Captain ,

    Yes i know i want to be my own person and make my own decisions basically this has all stemned from not saying no i thought once i hit 40 i was over this lark trying to make everyone happy and feeling resentful at the end of the day i guess its just in my nature but its pretty sad when my 11 year old is giving me advice on how to toughen up . she always says your to soft Mum . Thats interesting about your username i heard theCaptain song the other day and thought of you straight away and with being an aussie and all i thought theres a good chance that you might have been a Kacey Chambers fan.

    Many thanks love and light Loap:)

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