Aries man with Gemini moon birthdate= (april 10th 1989)

  • I met this your man a few months ago and we hit it off instantly... we had a connection even though his appearance isn't what my friends claim to be my type. anyways i realized a few months in dating him, that he is somewhat of a liar. exp. about who he's dating and what he did for the day (mind you, i would never ask him what he did, but he found the need to tell me a lie) anyways we had a fight one night... i drove home... and went straight tot sleep (the argument was over me catching him in a lie) anyways i woke up to 18 miss calls and maybe 7 longgggg text messages stating how sorry he is. i forgave him, but i haven't trusted him since. so that put a strain on the budding relationship... and my trust issues with him really ended up screwing the whole thing over!

    Anyways were still friends, but he now says he just wants to be friends because im not ready (which i just find to be an excuse) anyways... my friends said i should just back away and somewhat ignore him. Does that work on a guy with that sign?


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