10 of Swords Reversed in a Wish Spread

  • Hi, I need some help interpreting the meaning of a wish spread i dd with 15 cards (Gypsy spread). I got the following

    what will you realize

    10. 10 of Swords Reversed

    11. Empress reversed

    12. 4 of Wands Reversed

    What will come info your life

    13 Knight of Swords Reversed

    14 Hermit

    15 Queen of Swords Reversed

    I am very scared of this 10 of Swords. Does it mean that my wish will not come true? and it is followed by Empress reversed...

    If some one could share their experience - THank you!

  • Overall I would read this as a major block going on in getting what you want. The energy is moving very slowly if at all. You may be at risk of over thinking this. There is nothing here to be nurtured (Empress reversed), no foundation to build upon (4 of wands). Yet.

    I believe the Knight of Swords reversed is asking you to slow down, to go within (Hermit) and ask yourself; is this truly what you wish for? Along with the Queen of Swords reversed, they may suggest you've got your facts wrong. Your knowledge of the situation is incomplete. You are missing something.

    In fact, with all these swords in the spread, I'm inclined to say you are listening too much to your mind, to what you "think" you want. Instead, follow your heart. You will be happier for it.

    Don't be disheartened though. This isn't to say your wish won't come true. At best, it's just not time right now. At worst, it says there is something much, much better out there for you.

    Love & light to you,


  • HI Roxalana,

    I will start with the 10 of swords. Scarey you think. To me it looks like one getting stabbed in the back.

    First sword cards are the element of air. Mental thoughts ideas. Right side up that card would to me suggest burdens things that need to be done. Things that have been postpone and not cleared up yet. Reversed I would say that things are getting taking care of things are being done and finished.Something like checking off a to do list. Things that are on your mind and need to be finish.

    The Empress: Right side up desire to bring your wish to fruitation. . Reversed it could suggest that even if you get it you will have to nuture it and help it along to manifest and bring to the highest. This card can suggest that even though you have that idea to bring this wish to the best that it could be. That one might get tired of it and find it just another burden added to the list. This card could suggest that you will get your wish however it will be something that might take a lot of work and a good while to get it where you wanted once you have it.

    What I am getting just from these two cards. Be Careful for what you wish for you just might get it.

    The Knight of Swords, Right side up clear thinking and analyzing and accepting responsibility. Reversed basically just the opposite. Your thinking on this wish is not clear and you need to really think again how it would be if you make your wish come true. How you would have to keep it going and bring to the best that it can be.

    The Queen of Swords Mental thoughts this is the card of analyizing and thinking of ideas and making plans. Reversed I would think it suggests that you should think and analyze you wish more carefully and make sure it is something that we really want.

    I did these four cards first because the swords are the thought and thinking cards. The empress is the nuturing, creative Mother card. These to me seemed most important. towards your wish.

    The Hermit suggest wisdom and knowledge and insperation to others. It also suggests that one would have help along the way if needed. It suggests that you might have others help formulate your plan and wish and be there if you call upon them.

    The four of Wands: Right side up Celebration a coming together of traditions and creating new ideas. Others joining in and celebrating ones accomplishments. As the Hermit suggests others helping you. With the four of wands reversed. It could mean that after awhile they will not be as helpful as they had thought or said they could be. Look to others that are strongly supportive in your endavors and plans and wishes.

    Hope it all works out for the best for you.

    Your friend in Tarot,


  • PisceanHealer and TheQueenofWands, thank you so much for you replies. You interpretations do make a lot of sense for me and have helped me to get a better perspective on the situation.

  • Roxalana, Your are very welcome. I hope it all works out for you.

    Your Friend in Tarot,


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