Captain, your advice has been very helpful-THANK YOU

  • Captain,

    I just wanted you to know I’ve taken your words to heart and have really looked at who “I” am & about me focusing on others so much. I took everything I wrote on the forums & put them in a separate document & read them. I highly recommend this & I’ve recommended it to a few people on this forum. It really lets you see what you’re asking about & what you sound like & I sounded a little pathetic about my daughter & her Gemini friend - geesh. BTW, you were absolutely right about him, my daughter got tired of him being unavailable, not feeling well & canceling so one day she took him a bottle of Flintstone Gummy Vitamins to his office & told him this was a gift to help his health. She made it very clear he needed to respect her & her time, he was very apologetic & asked her out for that night but she already had plans with friends - she never heard from him again this was on 4/30. She said at least she felt good about not being pushy, which is not her style, & for standing up for herself & if this is bothered him then good riddance. I was worried about her & why she would put up with this; however, she put that fear to rest – big time!

    I realized I do ask about others, mostly my children; however, things are moving forward & what I’ve learned more than anything is to remove the emotion & stay balanced & not everything is a crisis. We’ve had quite a few crisis in our lives and we’ve come out stronger because of them but I had to stop thinking everything is dangerous & with a hidden agenda. I'm still working diligently on letting go of my "issues", I’m using some of the stuff on your Boot Camp #1 & #2 so it’s a process. One thing I did in my search for answers about ME is I've had some astrology information done & apparently me focusing on others & hovering is part of my DNA – seems it's in my chart LOL. Cancer/Sun, Pisces/Moon, Virgo/Ascendant, 5 planets in water signs, Mars/Gemini-very verbal. I know this isn’t an excuse I just thought it was pretty funny to discover. I know I should only help if there is real need and I have to wait to be ASKED & not jump in just because I think I can fix it. The person asked if I’ve ever seen Pulp Fiction because the character named Mr. Wolf is so me; he’s the fixer. The only thing is he goes on about HIS life doing HIS thing until someone calls and ask for help – then he jumps into action & fixes things. I need to be more like Mr. Wolf & go about living MY LIFE until I’m asked! I thought this was a great analogy.

    I’ve also discovered about Cancer is they have a hard time letting go, hence the crab’s claws. I’ve been working on letting go & releasing what isn’t necessary & isn’t mine. I recently had a huge crying jag over something & it was really sad. I almost wrote on the forum asking for assistance or advice but instead I just sort of sent it to the universe on the forum; & ended up starting a great conversation w/ LivingOnAPrayer in Melbourne – what is it about you ladies in Australia-amazing!?! This situation/person/whatever is one thing I’ve never asked about, I’ve mentioned the person in my post before & how he’s helped but just never came out & asked for some odd reason. I always worried if I did ask about this it wouldn’t happen, you don’t know how many times I wrote my daughter’s & his birthdates only to delete them before submitting – at least 3 dozen or more. Maybe it was the full moon, maybe it was me realizing it wasn’t mine to hold onto or maybe it was time to let go because there’s no chance for them but for whatever the reason I cried & let it go. Even now I’m sitting here deciding if I should ask if it’s “really over” but by asking I haven’t completely let it go – I’m working on it though.

    Not letting go of things I’ve also connected to some of the things I’ve struggled with, things about my son, our builder “the Liar”, our ex business partner “The Narcissist”, or my husband on how he handled the ex business partner. It’s all about letting go & it’s a huge process but I’m continuing to LET IT GO ~~~. Letting go of stuff I don’t need or is of no use & focusing on the here & now & on the good in life & ME! Yes we all have stuff that isn’t good but we do what we can with what we have & move along in life. Maybe I’m just having a good hormone week or maybe all of this is coming together but whatever it is I’m GRATEFUL!

    Thanks again for your words of wisdom!

    Love & Blessings, Tracie

  • Good for you, Tracie, it sounds like you have done a heckuva lot of self-work. Things will keep getting better and better now. It's not life that holds us back, but ourselves. Take the 'brakes' (fears and issues) off and we move forward!

  • And good for your daughter too.

  • Captain,

    Thanks for the kind words. I also did an update on my son with some info from your advice as well.

    Thanks again!

  • Thankyou Tracie for your kind words it means alot

    Love and Blessings Mags 🙂

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