Update #2-Son w/ reoccuring choking dream

  • Hello everyone, especially Blmoon, Captain, Missbethsangels, MyJourney & RCdreamer,

    I wanted to give a positive update regarding my son.

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    Today is my son’s last day at the old school & he wore a t-shirt to his new school. Austin has finished the school year very strong, not just academically but physically & emotionally as well. Even better is he's already become part of his new school's community & his new football coach did this by inviting him to run w/ the team in a 3K the first of May, just a few weeks after he was accepted. Last weekend we discovered one of his teammates lives in our neighborhood & they're in the same grade both are interested in going to military academies & are both involved in military organizations & history reinacting.

    He's worked out really hard getting ready for summer workouts & he's had to do this outside of school because he wasn’t allowed to work out any longer since he's no longer an athlete there. Academically he’s finished strong & he’s extremely confident going into next year, he’s signed up for some pretty tough classes – his choice not ours. Once he got his summer workout schedule from his new coach he signed up to volunteer at the local food pantry every Thursday from 9:00 – 12:00. He used to do this in middle school but couldn’t miss football workouts in the summer in high school. He likes volunteering there with his grandmother helping “The Ladies” as he calls them – most of them have new knees & hips & it’s hard for them to carry the bags to the front.

    He is sleeping much better; however, we’re still going to the ENT, there are only so many hours in the day & now school’s out our schedule is open. I brought up the topic the other day about scheduling an appointment & he is still just as interested in following throught with this appointment as when I first discussed this. Unfortunately, he’s going in for a contrast MRI tomorrow, they think he has a torn labrum which is an internal shoulder issue. It’s been a nagging injury for 2 years & the doctor thinks it’s finally time to see what’s really going on in there & if he needs surgery to repair this once and for all. I know this horrible for me to say but I kind of hope he needs surgery because he’s been doing physical therapy on & off for 2 years with no relief, maybe this can fix it. I think this is just a time of repair & rejuvenation, not just for his body but his soul as well. He’s visited w/ my friend who’s done some Reiki healing w/ him & is working on the wounded person inside to help HIM move past HIS issues. I still see glimpses of his wounded self here & there, one day he was acting a little arrogant & j-e-r-k-i-s-h, my husband sat him down & told him this was the kind of attitude we all hated & there was no way he’d be allowed to have this type of attitude. He was extremely apologetic. I understand how hard it is to just shed all the protective attitude all at once & I know the more comfortable he feels in his own skin again the easier it’ll be for him to just be him but it’ll be corrected if seen again. I know this is still his battle to fight in life but I know he’s on the right path with his inner strength rediscovered.

    I thought today was a great time to give you an update on how far he’s come since I first posted on March 1st and I know we wouldn’t be here celebrating this without all your help.


    LOVE FROM TEXAS!! Tracie

    Message from my son to all of ya’ll: “Thank you so much for your guidance and insight on what should be done. I’m very excited about going to St. Michael’s next year, I know some of you were talking about Arch Angel Michael and someone said he adopted me, I’m sure this helped a lot. My mom talks about you all the time and you sound like very nice people, thank you for taking the time to help me. Sincerely, Austin #75 “Go Crusaders!”

  • Captain,

    I wanted to add I've spoken to my son again about marshal arts class & he just stares at me blankly, I haven't given up just yet. Also, we're doing the letter burning ritual this weekend and this will be one of the last things he feels he needs to do to let go of everything regarding his friend in 5th grade.

    I forgot to put this in the above update but wanted you to know we haven't forgotten about these things.

    Thanks again 🙂

  • Hellllllllllllllllllo Texas,

    wonderful news, I'm so happy for your son and of course you and hubby. Good luck on the MRI tomorrow.

    Let us know when the results come in...

    love and light

    your friend in Vancouver


  • Oh Sheila,

    Thank you so much for the beautiful picture! You were one of the very nice people who were here on this journey from the start - THANK YOU!

    Love & Blessings,

    Tracie 🙂

  • Dear Tracie,

    Simply wonderful news. As you have discovered, you can receive divine guidance, but it's what you do with it that makes all the difference in the world. You can ignore it...we all do in our lives...and life seems to be full of bumps and bruises trying to get us back on course. When you listen, and do our part by following through in our world (what our angels can't do for us!), then miracles happen and the magic begins.

    Michael (Archangel) says he is just so very proud of your son, and his wonderful family. You all have a family recipe that others should aspire to create. He says he is not only with your son, but also with each of you, and he loves to be with you and laugh. Lots of laughter in your house he says!

    Wonderful news. Your son is living his greatest good...and doing his absolute best with the natural talents and gifts he was given for this lifetime. I hear "keep on truckin'" which is really funny to me because I haven't heard this expression in years, but maybe it means something to you!

    Angel blessings to you!

    Miss Beth

  • Great to hear your family is doing so well!

  • MissBeth,

    Thanks so much for you kind & encouraging words. My son really does feel he has a purpose at this school & has really connected to everything regarding Archangel Michael.

    When I read "Keep on truckin" I immediately thought of my parents! My dad was a truck driver, he did short in-town driving for years then started long-haul & be gone for days at a time. I remember the stories my mom used to tell about how hard it was & how she worried about being alone at night & how she didn't sleep etc plus worrying about him. It was hard on both of them but it was a great opportunity & that's what they would tell each other. My mom bought a wooden sign & it hung on our front porch it said "Keep On Truckin!". It was just their way of saying, keep on doing what you need to do.

    Friday evening I was talking to my mom & going over recent stuff. I told her about Austin's MRI & how bad his shoulder is & being so irritated at his old coaches because they were always pushing him to lift more & heavier weights. I was saying how irritated I was about that situation then my mom stopped me and said "so what, he's gone from that place now & moving on to where he belongs so quit B_I_T___I_N_G". I was really kind of shocked at her because it's not like her at all, she likes to wallow around in it like me sometimes, especially when it comes to her grandson. She said "you're doing what needs to be done so move on". Basically she was telling me to "Keep on trucking".

    My son was injured in a game, the coaches didn't do it so why hold on to that irritation. My irritation doesn't serve anyone I just need to be grateful we have the opportunity to attend another school & we have insurance so he can have surgery to repair his shoulder in needed (we find out Wednesday).

    This is also another example of me needing to LET GO of stuff that has no meaning or purpose. I need to show this to my son as well so he doesn't hold onto this as well - he has a tendancy to do this like me. Captain would be proud.

    At least I hope that's what my angels are telling me because my parents are divorced!

    Thanks again for the encouraging words!

    Love & blessings from Texas

  • MissBeth,

    I asked my son about "keep on trucking" & he just rolled his eyes. He said this is something one of the coaches say about pushing yourself through workouts. The coach said "you might feel some pain but it's just like a driving a car & it's just like the saying keep on trucking, if your car starts acting up you gotta keep driving down the road because sometimes your car can just fix itself & the red light didn't really mean anything".

    Interesting stuff!

  • ADDED INFO TO UPDATE: GOOD LORD THINGS KEEP CHANGING & MOVING FORWARD!! Please excuse the long winded explanation but I have to tell you what happened on Friday & Yesterday - absolutely unbelievable. This is total & complete divine intervention.

    In the original thread I talked about the boy that pushed my son down the stairs in 5th grade & all the problems we had w/ this situation. His mom legally changed his name to "brand him for the NFL" & lots of other stuff. It was pointed out on this forum HE's the biggest victim in this whole situation (thanks BLmoon) & we never ever thought about forgiving the boy until MissBethsAngels pointed this out - this was absolutely HUGE! We've worked through this with everyone's guidance & insight. Captain recommended we do a ceremony about releasing this by releasing & continuing to work through this which we have & are continuing to do & things have been much better.

    Last Friday I took my kids to a healer, it was an end of school year "cleansing" & energy work. The healer asked "what can I help you with today & what would you like to resolve". You only get 10 minutes so you gotta be prepared, I told him about my son's physical issues (right knee & right shoulder) & said "There was an incident in 5th grade where his best friend pushed him down the stairs & never apologized & it was never resolved. We've worked hard on forgiving the boy but I still think my son has yet to completely let go of this & forgive the boy" then he looked at me & said "just your son?" I told him I'm still working on it as well. He said "son you need to forgive this boy, he lost his best friend that day too but you're not responsible for that. You need to open your heart & say out loud 'I forgive you friend', say a prayer for him if you'd like then let it go." He had 1 hand over the center of my son's chest & 1 over the top of his head while saying this. I could tell my son was a little moved because I could see his nose was getting red like trying to keep yourself from crying". Then we all got hugs & left, my son was not interested in telling me how he felt.

    Sunday evening we talked about how he felt about the appt & he feels alot better about everything & Saturday night before he went to bed he said he said what he had to say & let it go.

    HERE'S THE INTERESTING PART: Last night we got a phone call telling us the boy & his family is MOVING TO ANOTHER CITY! The boy didn't get the starting varisty quarterback position, matter of fact he's not even on varsity & his mom is mad as wet hen. The reason we got a call is she wants her booster membership fee back & my husband is the treasurer-he has to write the refund check. After my husband told my son & I about this we all just stood there with our mouths open. This was a total shock.

    I feel so bad for this boy because he's not even on varsity, he must be so humiliated & I'm sure it's not a comfortable situation for him right now. His mom has been telling everyone he's going to be the starting QB next year, she even sent a press release to our local paper about all his camp visits & his stats. I said a prayer for him & encouraged my son to do the same. I have to tell you it was hard not to be excited the boy didn't make varsity but I had to remind myself he's just a child & the biggest victim, I reminded my son of this as well; my heart really goes out to this poor boy.

    I just had to tell you what happened when my son finally forgave his old friend. Thanks ya'll so much for everythign & for being with us on this journey!!

    Love & Blessings from a grateful mom 🙂


    My son does need suregry but it's not as bad as expected-YEA!! His doctor wants him to wait until the season is over & in the meantime he'll wear a brace to keep it from getting hyperextended. It's only painful when he does certain types of weight lifting (dirty laundry doesn't count) so he's been giving a modified program to keep everything flexible & strengthen the muscles around his shoulder without weights.

    We talked to the coaches at his new school & they were so excited he's able to play this upcoming season & at his first workout after the appointment the coaches talked to him about his responsibility NOT to push his body as to cause further and/or permanent damage. Such a change from his old school, if you don't do your full weightlifting program then you risk loosing your position & we know kids lift when they shouldn't to keep playing & I'm sure my son as done this as well.

    It's just another reminder he's where God wants him to be. Thanks again for your kindness, insight & concern. Love & Blessings from Texas

  • Dear Kookish,

    It really is such a blessing to share with you what angels say because they say things that don't really mean anything to me, but I pass them on all the same. The saying "keep on truckin'" is one such expression. It totally meant something to you and your son, each in your own way. And my family never says this. So it validated to you what they mean, and they say it to resonate with you and keep you in tune with your angels and their perspective.

    Call on Archangel Raphael to help with your son's healing, as well, and to be there with him during his surgery.

    And, from your angels...pray for the boy leaving town. He is a victim in his own family because his parents are living their lives through him. That is a lot of pressure on this boy. And he's trying his best to please him. But it will be a pain he lives with for his entire life. For to be honest, this boy does not even want to be the football player. In his heart of hearts. Do not have joy in your hearts for his moving. For this is his parents' wanting to live his life for him. If he could be who he wants to be...he would be an artist angels are saying. Expressing himself from his heart. Interesting to say the least.

    Angel blessings to you!

    Miss Beth

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