Time to Clear My Mind . . .

  • Don't know the best way to approach someone that talks about me joining them in a different city. They have been out of my life about 7 weeks. Not out of my heart. I would be the primary wage earner etc. Don't want to hurt him but don't want to lose the friendship. Don't want to lead him on but don't feel too secure in this moving scenario--never have.

    Other problem--good friend likes this woman tells me basically just wants casual relationship w/her but would like for her to meet me so she won't be jealous. I don't really care to meet her because I feel that this is his business, not mine. I don't have anything to prove to her. Also, this is the hard part for me--couple of weeks ago he comes on real strong to me. Although at one point in time we had a relationship, it's been WELL over for some time. Nothing happened.

    Any response would help. I feel sad that my friend did this because I'm getting "dark" thoughts about him.

  • it sounds like he wants to set up a threesome and it sounds as though he may not respect you much if you have not heard from him in a few months. I would not feel comfortable either if I got the feeling someone just wanted me as a sugar-mama.

  • Was he ever aware of you true feelings? Did you tell him how you feel without being ashamed to tell him? It could mean that why he dares to talk to you like that about other? May be he thinks you are a friend but in actuality you are loving him..If you still in touch then find chance to tell him about your feelings. If then he does not care then get him out of your heart fast! Life will go on and you will be fresh for new emotions.

  • You deserve MUCH better treatment than this. Just let go, and if I were you, I'd try not to communicate with him at all, just tell him you have somebody important in your life now (you!). I agree with Desire's response...sounds like he wants his cake and eat it "two"....keep your self respect, lady. Don't make a move ANYWHERE unless you have a real good reason that'll make YOU happy, for example, new, better, more exciting job, better lifestyle, NOT to be a temporary fulfillment for somebody else's fantasy. YOU should be your own first priority!

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