What Is My Truth?

  • a message from Jennifer Hoffman

    As we become brave enough to explore the truth, and it does require courage because in order to know our truth we often have to disprove everything that we have believed to be true about ourselves, our lives and about others. What we know of the world is a combination of our own experience and that which others have shared with us. How much is our truth and what is theirs? We know ourselves through a combination of our own knowledge and what others have shared with us. How much is our truth and what is theirs? When we begin to explore the truth, we get to decide what our truth is and to create a new level of truth.

    Deciding on the truth means defining what is true about us, our lives, our potential and capabilities. At this point we are able to stand at the crossroads of every aspect of our life and decide what will be true about each one. This is the highest order of manifestation because without knowing our truth we are not able to match our energy to any intention that is higher than what we believe our truth to be. For example, if we want to hold the truth that we are powerful and successful, we must hold the energetic vibration that corresponds with that level of truth. If not, we can hold that intention but it will never happen.

    But setting the parameters of our truth also means releasing connections to everything that does not match it. So setting a truth that we are deserving of love means releasing all connections to people, events and situations where we are not loved in a way that matches our truth. Do we have the courage to let them go, knowing that when we do we are creating space for new connections that correspond to our new truth? During this process we can feel very alone, isolated, abandoned and rejected but that is how we feel when we release connections because we create a vacuum that can, for a brief while, make us feel very empty.

    If we ask others to agree with or validate our truth we will often ask those who don't want us to change our truth because then they have to change theirs. Everyone enjoys the status quo of our long-standing energetic connections. But changing our truth, adopting a new truth or asserting our truth gives us the power and confidence to create the life we want, that reflects the truth we want to know and to live through. Everything that does not support this truth will fall away so we are left with a vacuum that can be filled with a new truth, new people and situations who support it and a new vision for the truth we intend for ourselves and our life.

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  • I was just writting about truth and distinguishing our truths for ourselves (asking the hard questions and accepting the answer) this morning.

    Blessings and thanks

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