• captain

    May 5.

    2:27 am

  • What do you want a reading about?

  • Hi captain,

    I would like to know if I will be meeting someone new, that i may start a relationship with and is family very important to him ? Will he be the one for me, and my son (will i be the one for him?Will he be financial (stable) has his own place,secure in himself?Does he have children does he have a good relationship with his children or childs( mother) is he a good father to his kids, and how important is family to him?Does he like to travel, do family things, Is he respectful, understanding, likes to talk about things that both him or what maybe bothing him etc.

  • Redbone, all these things are up to you - and whether you can work through any issues that may be holding you back from finding real love.

    Your profile shows you may have a fear of love, intimacy and commitment because you think they will hold you back, cause you to lose your independence, and keep you from being out in the world receiving recognition for your achievements. You don't want to be just a wife and/or mother. You don't want people to be dependent on you. Check whether you are subconsciously sabotaging your relationships by choosing people who you know aren't suitable, or by chasing people away with bad behaviour, or simply by choosing no one at all.

    You have healing hands and strong sexual and creative drives - make sure you don't use sex for control or manipulation or to develop a better sense of self-respect. Only engage in it when you feel open, loving and giving. You have a deep need to receive love and acceptance and it's a fear of what others might think of you that can hold you back from true self-expression. You may repress your emotions - especially anger - because you fear other people's disapproval if you are honest. But this only leads to a buildup of repressed negativity inside you (especially towards authority figures) or even illness. In this lifetime you have come to stand up for what you believe in and to be firm about getting what you want. This means ignoring what society or those around you want for you and going after those things or people that will truly make you happy.

    Sometimes you can take other people for granted, so try and be more appreciative of those around you. You may fear deep commitments and long-range projects, but it is through these things that you will learn and grow and discover how to deal with difficulties and problems day by day rather than running away from them.

    So, instead of focusing on a potential soulmate, concentrate on healing yourself and removing all the blocks that are preventing him from coming to you. When you remove all the negativity, fear and anxiety you have about life and love, and radiate posititvity, happiness and hope, the right people will appear in your life as if by magic. But you have to be prepared to work hard and take risks to bring good things to you, rather than just waiting for something to happen randomly or avoiding life, commitment, and responsibility.

  • Good morning Captain,

    Captain may I please have a reading done, Im in the process of family court and soon divorce court to follow,Im wondering if things will work out in my favor for the child support (financial) and will I recieve the(maximum) for the next 2yrs when he turns 18 or until he turns 21yr old.,due to his disability. And will he sign the Divorce papers?,and will I receive any benefits from the Divorce? (like pension benefits of any source?

  • Redbone, i only do readings for the present now. For future readings, try Shuabby or BlMoon or Watergirl.

  • Ok thanks

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