Energy Report for June 2011

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    The guidance this month is to not take things too seriously! The light-hearted and playful energy of Gemini brings a lighter aspect to our process of change and transformation. If we are to make it through the next few months we must learn to ride the waves of change joyously and positively. Deep inner transformation is the continuous theme and if we choose to hold a positive attitude during these often challenging times, we can maintain our humour, balance and sanity within our inner and outer realities.

    The process of transformation and the shift in consciousness certainly holds some seriously uncomfortable and basically odious facets. Awakening is more often than not a painful process that brings to the surface of our minds, our hearts and our realities, the undesirable subconscious programming, beliefs and patterns that direct our emotions, feelings and thoughts. Our task is to transform these beliefs, patterns and programming into gifts of wisdom and truth and thus expand our consciousness.

    To expand your consciousness and experience and live within a state of Divine Love, you are required to first forgive yourself for who you are, and the seemingly wrong choices you may have made. If you understand that you have chosen this life to grow, develop and evolve, you can accept that your experiences, choices and decisions have facilitated this process. Once you recognise that the many ‘wrong’ choices and decisions you may have made have led you to exactly where you have needed to be to awaken, to heal and to transform, forgiveness of self becomes effortless. Forgiveness is not a state of mind it is a state of being, a feeling that when felt for the self births compassion. Once you feel compassion for who you were, you are then able to learn to love who you have become.

    The energy of June promises a month of possibilities and the beginning of a new phase of our growth and development. This looks to be a month when things begin to move forward more rapidly bringing a stronger sense of purpose and promise. We are at a fortunate time where the ability to leave behind the past and move into the new becomes a lot less painful. Many new situations and experiences will be revealed in the coming months and anything that may be obscuring your way forward will need urgent attention.

    The astrological events we experience are indications of the Universal shifts that are presently affecting the world and each individual. It is astrological events, like the ones coming up in the next few months, that perfectly support us in processing, healing and releasing what is no longer required for us to change, transform and evolve. For the next six weeks the Universal energies will gift us with much needed help and support as we experience the power of three eclipses in a row, and the Summer/Winter Solstice. This process opens with the Gemini Solar Eclipse on June the 1st and concludes with the Cancer Solar Eclipse on July the 1st. These three Eclipses signify opportunities that shall enable us to awaken to an expanded vision of our individual reality and truth.

    As this Eclipse season commences your subconscious beliefs, negative programming and patterns will come to the fore to be healed, transformed and released. It is vital that you are open and honest with yourself so that you can identify where these patterns, programs and beliefs create unnecessary challenge, struggle, pain and limitation. The power and energy of the next six weeks will support and guide this process ultimately bringing forgiveness, compassion and self-love. You will be released from the shackles of self-judgment, limitation and separation birthing the freedom you require to live your essential self.

    Solar and Lunar Eclipses occur every six months and impede with the flow of energy to the Earth from the Sun and the Moon. The disruption of the rays of light from the Sun during a Solar Eclipse creates an opportunity for us to restructure and reprogram our consciousness. During a Lunar Eclipse as the Moon moves through the shadow of the Earth suppressed emotions that support and give power to our subconscious are exposed.

    The first Solar Eclipse with the New Moon on June the 1st is a very positive time of growth. This eclipse will be the second eclipse in the astrological sign of Gemini in a long sequence of eclipses, in Gemini, that will conclude in May 2013. The Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon on June the 15th is said to be one of the darkest in history, as it will last approximately 100 minutes. As a general rule a Lunar Eclipse is a good opportunity to break any long standing habits and or conditioned patterns of behaviour and thought. Unobserved areas of your life or your inner self will be brought to your awareness to be resolved and released to make way for the new energy that will come with the second Solar Eclipse of July the 1st.

    In amongst the three eclipses of the next six weeks we will also experience the energy of the Summer / Winter Solstice on June the 21st, which will add to the mix of intense and powerful energy. Using this time constructively and consciously working with the energies of these planetary alignments will aid you in becoming aware of how you live through and employ your inner wisdom, truth and power. If you are adaptable and take advantage of the powerful energies accessible now inner shifts and changes will bring you into alignment with the higher frequencies of light, delivering you into expanded levels of truth, freedom, joy and faith. As you embody these higher energies you will begin to function in a different way, reconnecting with and actually feeling the true essence of your being.

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